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Show Your Love and Support To New Mum With Amazing Gifts

Received an invitation from a loved one for their upcoming occasion of baby shower? The idea of having a new bun in the oven is always a piece of big news that is worth celebrating. However, just having the idea of celebration is not enough because as a friend or a well-wisher, you are required to prepare for the occasion. Showing up empty-handed is not the right choice for anyone. Although strong, new mums do require support and care along the way.

So, coming up with bright gift ideas for new mum on occasion of a baby shower is a great idea. There are great options of New mum Hamper provided by Floral Beanie which is very likely to help your expecting loved one pass through the stage of motherhood in a smooth manner. There are a wide variety of gifts that can be presented for the new baby and the expecting family.

However, while selecting for the most suitable options out of the wide range, you need to take the upcoming requirements and the choices of the new mum into consideration. This will allow you to present the most thoughtful gift ever which turns out to be useful and unique in its way.


Fresh Exotic Bouquet to Congratulate

Flowers are known for their bright colours and beautiful fragrance which has certain soothing abilities. Gifting floral bouquets is often considered as the most perfect gift to celebrate the new milestone of the relationship. Flowers re always a part of celebration and merry-making. Well, when given to new mums, these flower bouquets tell more than just congratulating. Fresh blooms sends the message of love, care and support for the mom, which is exactly the feeling which new mums generally expect. You can easily order freshly prepared bouquets of bright blooms with sweet aroma and get easy delivery to any desired location in Singapore.


Personalized Diapers for Fashionable Look of The Baby

Diapers are something which moms can never have enough. Truly speaking, diapers and wipes are required in large quantities for the new-born baby. It is because these newly born cuties can require up to a dozen diapers in a single day. This requires the new mom to spend on the pack of diapers heavily. Well, being a well-wisher, you can alleviate a little damage to the new mums’ wallet by gifting some packs of diapers. To bring in the flavour of uniqueness and fashion, you can go with the option of personalized diapers, having the baby’s name. This is not just a useful idea but also quite trending and fashionable.


Projector Based Nightlights to Make The Baby Feel Safe

Nightlights are the next best idea which you can opt for. These lights are quite important because bit helps the baby feel safe in the darkroom. This is a great gift for new moms because these projector lights project the most beautiful night sky which is enthralling for the baby. The cool display of the starlit night sky often lulls the newborn to sleep, making bedtime more easy and simple for the new mum.


Cost-Effective and Convenient Delivery of New Mum Hampers

Apart from all these options, you can even order personalized new mum hampers with subscription to baby clothes or some useful products for mother and good care. You can even order for high-quality chocolates and personalized gift items. At, you can easily get your hands on amazing gift ideas for the new mommies.

Our experts in collaboration with experienced florists prepare the best floral arrangements and gift packs with personalized card for your dear one. We provide flexible shipping options to any place within Singapore without any additional charges.


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