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Create Bold And Dominant Approach With Burgundy Bouquet

Burgundy is considered as a bold and very dominant colour which plays a major role in emphasizing and giving a passionate look to an event. Pairing with colour shades like silver and list blush helps in creating a perfectly extravagant style.

With the name Burgundy, the first colour shade which comes to our mind is wine colour having a reddish-brown tone. Burgundy Bouquets are greatly accepted for occasions like wedding and anniversaries due to this rich and powerful approach.


Burgundy Bouquet: Perfect ‘Belong To Earth’ Theme

Generally, the Burgundy Bouquet contains a blend of blooms ranging from dark red to burgundy and purple shades. This mix and match includes a variety of flowers like dahlia, tulips, and lilies. These Marsala flowers exotically match with each other creating a perfect colour scheme of “belonging to the earth”. The florists of Floral Beanie usually arrange these burgundy blooms along with white or other such pale shades to highlight and brighten up the entire floral arrangement.

This combination often forms an amazing palette for the spring or summer flowers because they have a comparatively lighter shade. The Burgundy flowers build in that perfect blend of love and bold passion. This makes it the most amazing colour to choose as the wedding theme, especially during the fall or winter season.


Flowers To Create Amazing Bridal Floral Arrangements

One of the most widely used flowers in a burgundy bouquet are the Dahlias. These flowers have that perfect rich and dark purple red colour shade which gives provides them a stunning look. Creating a bouquet of flower arrangement using burgundy Dahlias with other bright blooms is considered a great idea. However, if you are thinking of picking Dahlia as your event theme, you should keep a note that these flowers are not long-lasting. If taken proper care, they stay good for about three to four days without wilting.

The Calla Lilies are another range of beautiful burgundy flowers which we popular for its versatility and durability. Theses flowers have typical slender sleek shape which makes them a unique choice.

These flowers are quite easy to go with as they make excellent bouquet designs most effortlessly. These flowers, although delicate, have a long vase life. Due to these benefits, these lilies are considered as the most fantastic and affordable choice in the range of burgundy flowers for both indoor and outdoor décor.

Amaryllis is another widely used flower in Burgundy bouquets. These flowers have a gorgeous dark reddish tone which creates a wonderful dramatic and rich appeal. Burgundy Red Clematis is another beautiful flowered vine which adds up a bold touch to bridal and wedding centerpieces. Apart from these choices, you even have purple Ranunculus and fringed Dutch tulips to add up life to your burgundy flower bouquets.


Get High-Quality Burgundy Bouquets Shipped

Trying to get good quality burgundy bouquets shipped to your desired location in Singapore? Floral Beanie is up to deal with your requirements and provide you top quality burgundy floral arrangements with easy shipping options. There are flowers like Dahlia and Tulip which require a lot of care to keep its quality intact.

Our florists and designers bring in freshly cut flowers from farms and handle them in the best possible manner to ensure its durability. You can easily place an order for these bold and exotic blooms and get it delivered at your address within the stipulated time.

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