Celebrate Mother’s Day With Carnation Bouquet Singapore At Floral Beanie

Carnations are probably the most popular flowers seen in every floral arrangement. The best part about carnation flowers is that they blend beautifully with any other flower. This is the reason why carnation bouquet and carnation flower arrangements are the most popular in Singapore. Carnation bouquets come in different colors – from red, white, yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange, and what not. They only make the carnation bouquet or any flower arrangement more beautiful with their presence.

At Floral Beanie, we are not only using carnation in carnation bouquets, we also use carnation flowers to enhance the beauty of all other floral arrangements. They just blend perfectly with the colors and shapes forming a flower bouquet that everybody desires for. Carnation bouquet are probably the only flowers that are perfect for almost every occasion. From weddings to birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, get well soon gifts, and more, carnation bouquets are the best gift idea.

Carnation Bouquet Amaze People With Uniquely Textured, Beautiful, Bright-Colored Petals

Carnations were popular during the ancient Greek and Roman ceremonies, and the name is derived from its proper name – Dianthus Caryophyllus, which means the ‘flower of Gods.’ And according to a legend, Virgin Mary’s tears sprouted into beautiful carnations as she watched Jesus carry the cross.

With the start of the 20th century, carnation bouquets become the official Mother’s Day floral arrangement. Carnation bouquet and carnation floral arrangements symbolize a mother’s love and care. So, if you want to appreciate your mother for all the sacrifices she has done for you and the family, give her a carnation bouquet from Floral Beanie Singapore. We boast a vast collection of carnation bouquet and carnation floral arrangements to help you with different occasions. From Mother’s Day flowers to Birthdays, Father’s Day, and more, we specialize in different floral bouquets in Singapore.

Carnations at Floral Beanie Carry Different Symbolism

The gorgeous carnation flowers at Floral Beanie in Singapore represent good fortune, admiration, fascination, and attraction. This makes these flowers best for every occasion. If someone is not on talking terms with you or someone is hurt because of you, our carnation bouquets can help you express how sorry you are for your behavior.

Moreover, if someone is feeling sick or recovering from an illness or accident, send them these amazing carnation bouquets to uplift their mood and wish them a good recovery. Their natural colors range from all the shades of red to purple and green. On top of everything, the scent of carnation bouquets is something one cannot resist. The sweetly fragrant and visually appealing carnation bouquets and flowers can make the day for your loved one.

Freshly Cut, Beautifully Arranged Carnation Bouquet At Floral Beanie Singapore

Florists at Floral Beanie Singapore know what it takes to create a beautiful floral arrangement. We are in this industry for several years now and have helped citizens in Singapore express their feelings and desires with our flower delivery services. We only use quality carnations, freshly cut from the fields, to prepare your carnation bouquet. Our online portal allows you to order your favorite flower bouquet and get it delivered the same day.

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