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Let Floral Beanie Deliver Your Gladiolus Bouquet and Put a Smile on Your Loved One’s Face

One of the best ways to express your feelings to someone on their special day is by sending an elegant flower bouquet. One of the critical challenges of sending flowers is the long process of purchasing and sending them. It takes time for someone to go round flower shops to select a lovely bouquet to send to a loved one. came to eliminate your hassle in the whole process. In an elegant design, we will surely make the celebrant’s day more special and memorable. We have the expertise to give you the most elegant gladiolus bouquet that you can send to anyone you wish to surprise! Whether for romantic flower gifting, for friendly purposes, or condolence, Gladiolus is a perfect take.

Understanding Gladiolus Beyond the Its Name

The Gladiolus flower is remarkable and it’s known for its unique sword-like shape. They are named after the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword. The flower was also commonly associated with gladiators, and are said to be worn around their necks during battles. While this plant is known for its strength, an important aspect to be aware of is that it is poisonous to animals, and gladiolus arrangements should be kept away from cats, dogs, and horses. Be sure to check if your loved one has a furry friend or beloved pet before sending them gladioli!

With a vast species and rich history, gladiolus flowers are used in many floral displays for their beauty. There are plenty of different kinds of gladioli to choose from, as the genus includes 260 species of the bloom. An interesting fact of the gladiolus flower is that while the name gladiolus is the genus of the flowering plants, many people refer to the flower itself as Gladiolus, while gladiola is referred to often. One of the many flowers that come in every color of the rainbow, gladioli flowers, is also found in bi-colors that vary in hues of red, pink, purple, blue, and more! Each shade of the flower has a different meaning, but the most common meanings are strength, integrity, and infatuation.


A gladiolus Bouquet is Useful in Different Ways!

As the flower of 40th wedding anniversaries and August’s birth flower, gladiolus bouquets make a stunning gift for different occasions. For graduations, birthdays, or just as décor in your home, gladioli add a gorgeous touch to any room they’re placed in. With Floral Beanie, you can trust that we will deliver the highest quality of gladioli arrangements to you. We ensure that they stand tall so their perennial beauty can be enjoyed for long after it’s received. We offer same-day flower delivery services in Singapore at friendly prices. We can also include a lovely vase to your bouquet on request. For a birthday gift, we can also add birthday hampers to add on to your loved one’s experience.

Combining the orchids with Gladiolus gives gorgeous hand bouquets or flower gifts to send on any occasion. Any special event surely becomes more stunning with these flowers for Floral Beanie. If you want to impress the recipient, send them a gladiolus bouquet, especially if you’re going to express love and infatuation specially.

Being an “August flower,” it’s also perfect for use as a condolence bouquet. August means that it is the time to buckle up and face the challenges. That is why this month is represented by Gladiolus as they stand for sincerity and strength. It is at the time when your family friends have lost a loved one when they need courage and strength. It’s therefore appropriate to order a new design of a gladiolus bouquet for condolence.


Take a Step and Have Your Gladiolus Bouquet Delivered!

You should not wait until it’s too late! Order for a bouquet of gladiolus bouquet flowers and send it to your loved one to add a smile to their faces on their big day. It’s easier than adding a photo to your blog. You will conveniently do it in the comfort of your home. You can contact our 24/7 customer support for enquiries. You shall have your gladiolus bouquet delivered on the same day you order for it! We offer delivery services to all Singapore destinations.

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