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The perfect Flower Choice to Color Your Occasion: Korean Flower Bouquet

Are you planning to buy your loved one a unique gift to show them your care and concern, you are at the right place. florist was born from a deep love and appreciation of flowers. Our vision is to make the experience of sending and receiving flowers in Singapore unique and magical for everyone.


Experts Who Make the Best Korean Flower Bouquets

Working with only fresh handpicked blooms,’s skilled floral artists team strive to put forth original and elegant floral designs and arrangements that represents the natural beauty of these  flowers. Our flowers are suitable for every day and every occasion. We have a group of specialists who are trained in Korea and specialize in Korean Flower Bouquet arrangements. The Korean styles merge high fashion with urban sensibilities with a unique attention to the way flowers are matched with inorganic aspects of floral arrangements such as the wrapping paper and other embellishments.

Apart from the curated Korean flower bouquet designs available in the online we can also create customized floral arrangements and bouquets, tailor-made for a very special person or that once-in-a-lifetime occasion that you want friends to like when they see those photos or videos on Facebook.


Elegant and Unlimited Bouquet Options

Floral Beanie helps you bring your floral fantasies to life with extravagant flower bouquets in Singapore. We are inspired by a deep love for Mother Nature’s most dainty gifts. Inspired by a deep love and appreciation for Mother Nature’s most dainty gifts, flowers are a specialty of the team behind Floral Beanie. They aim to create memorable gifting and receiving experience with an exceptional and stunning bloom. Our delivery service gets the beautiful flowers to your location without too much hassle. Because of this, is one of the best florists in Singapore. At Floral Beanie, we boast of a wide range of floral styles available on our website to suit a variety of preferences.

The pretty and delicate pastel pink remains to be an excellent choice for a girl’s gift. Soft shades like fuchsia, rose mauve, blush, and rouge are perfect accompaniments to darker shades of pinks, like amaranth, magenta, and cherry blossom. This creates an arrangement that has a lovely appearance for flower decorations in Singapore. At Floral Beanies, pastel pink bouquets are vibrant selections for lovers of the color.


We Ensure You Receive the Best Bouquet for That Special Day

We help you celebrate the shades of orange, with flowers like tulips and daisies. Orange is a great color to express camaraderie and friendship, so it makes a wonderful gift for family members and close friends. Pairing orange tulips with contrasting colors like brown autumn sticks and green leaves, creates a Korean flower bouquet design exuding warmth and comfort. offers Korean flower bouquet delivery in Singapore. Be it for a luxurious corporate event, an extravagant wedding, or as a sweet gesture of love between lovers. Let Floral Beanie collection of vibrant flowers grace your event to make it more memorable and captivating.


Ordering a Korean Flower Bouquet is Easy and Convenient

If you want us to deliver a Korean flower bouquet for your big day, it is easier than you think. All you need to do is visit our online shop at and select the Korean Bouquet that pleases you. We have many options to choose from but it takes a few minutes to go through them and won’t cost you much time. After selecting a flower bouquet, you should add it to the cart and provide us with the recipient’s physical address for delivery. Lastly, you should make a direct transfer to our bank account. The good thing is that you do all this at your comfort and convenience.

In case you want any elaboration or confirmation concerning the purchase, flower choice or even delivery, feel free to contact us on phone or email our customer care for an immediate response. We offer same day deliveries to all areas in Singapore at affordable rates.

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