Mini Calla Lily Bouquet Delivery

Mini Calla Lily Bouquet Is A Flower For Many Occasions

One quality that makes mini calla lilies different to other flowers is it is flower for any occasions including weddings and funerals. Send calla lily flower bouquets of your beloved or send them a living potted plant gift. Mini calla lily flower has wide range of varieties of any occasion including new beginnings, weddings, wedding anniversaries or funerals.

The elegant calla lily is known as the 6th wedding anniversary and it is symbolized as couple’s love. If it is your marriage anniversary number six, presenting your life partner with a bouquet of calla lily. Represent your feelings for your beloved spouse with verities of colors available.


Mini Calla Lily Bouquet As A Symbol

Mini Calla lily bouquet symbolizes purity, holiness, and faithfulness. It marks rebirth and resurrection. Beautiful flower symbolizes with variety of colors.

White mini calla lily bouquet is the symbol of purity and innocence. Pink calla lily represents appreciation and admiration. Purple calla lily stands for charm and passion. Yellow calla lily indicates gratitude. Black calla lily symbolizes mystery.

In Christianity, calla lily means as sign of faith and purity. It is connected with the resurrection of Jesus, hence it is common sight depicted in Virgin Mary images. Calla lily is widely used in for Easter and Christmas decorations.


Season Of Mini Calla Lily Bouquet

Characteristically magnificent and overwhelming beauty calla lily blooms in the summer and autumn, four to eight weeks if cultivation. Calla lilies have tendency to produce foliage in spring, and flower in June and July. At commercial florists, calla lilies are available around the year.


How Mini Calla Lily Was Named

The name for calla lily came from a Greek word of beauty and is associated with the Greek goddess Hera. Calla lily is also recognized as the trumpet lily, arum lily and pig lily, and begins to blossom in late spring. Cone-line flowers blossom is associated with holiness, faith and purity.


How To Grow Mini Calla Lily At Your Home

The calla lily is native to Southern Africa belonging to belong to the arum family. Calla lily is suitable for containers, outdoors and yard or in a sunny window as houseplant cultivation. For development, it needs dry conditions especially during the winters. Minor plant also needs extra care and adequate supply of water and fertilizer. Best time for plantation calla lily is during spring.


Medicinal Properties Of Mini Calla Lily

Calla lily is highly environment friendly flower as it purifies the air absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen Hence it is highly recommended for indoor plantations. Although calla lily is extremely toxic however, the plant’s stem and leaves are used for dressing the wounds.


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