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Morning Glory Is A Bouquet For Many Occasions

In the 19th century, Victorians used flowers to deliver secret messages. According to fluorography, a term used to describe Victorian flower language, saucer-shaped morning glory bouquet or flowers signify affection. Since the life-span of morning glory flower is just one day and the bloom dies one the same day of its birth, Victorian symbolizes it with love and mortality. In ancient times, Chinese folklore also used morning glory flower a day when lovers meet.

There are more than 500 varieties of morning glory. Out of total, only some are grown as annuals, remaining are perennial flowers. The flower symbolizes month of September and 11th wedding anniversary. Trumpet shaped morning glories flowers are used for decorating the walls, borders and fences. Some Asian countries, morning glory plant is widely used as a rich vitamins vegetable.

Colors of Morning Glory Bouquet

Morning glory bouquet or flowers are available varieties and colors including blue, purple, red, white, yellow and bi-colors. If you are gifting our freshest morning glory bouquet or flowers to your beloved take special care while choosing the color. Our team will guide you finding the right color choice depending up on the nature of the occasion.

Choose red colored flowers if you are sending them to your beloved. Red symbolizes romance and love. Pink symbolizes kind feelings and carefulness. Purple flower symbolizes nobility and loveliness.

Choose a person that is very dear to you and send white flowers sending the message of innocence and spirituality. Bright and beautiful morning glory bouquet or flowers send the message of positivity and clarity. Blue morning glory bouquet or flower represents trust and respect and is a perfect presentation for a trustworthy friend.

Native Area of Morning Glory

Morning glory is native plant to tropical America. Today the plant grows in subtropical and temperate regions of Asia. Historically morning glory flowers were in China because of its medicinal use. It is believed that in 9th century, it was used as an ornamental flower in Japan.

Medicinal Uses of Morning Glory

The flower is used as a therapeutic agent or healing power to relieve the stress and depression. Chinese prescribe the plant for anti-diabetic medicine and consider that plant maintained the blood sugar levels. In past United States locals crush the flower and apply counteract and treat insect bite.

Herbalists use morning glory flower for the skin treatment. Chinese herbalists use this flower to relieve cough. They also use as a remedy to deal stomachache problems. Under other remedy, flower is consumed as herbal tea as it is effective to reduce swelling.

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