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Decorate your home with some creative ideas like button wreaths

Unable to understand what to do with the spare and old buttons? Well, instead of stashing them away in the dark, you should rather use it to create something beautiful and out of the crowd. A button wreath is one of the most beautiful way of displaying your favourite buttons. You can easily theme the colours of the buttons based on the occasion you are using the wreath for. These wreaths are easy and fun to make and a super most people, it is one of hose craft projects which would love to do over and over again.


What makes a perfect button wreath for the occasion?

The process of making eye-catchy button wreath is quite simple. First of all, you need to choose the colour theme which you will be following for your wreath. If it is for occasions like Christmas or other such special event, the colour palette will consist of few specific colour shades. However, if you are choosing a birthday wreath or for done casual anniversary celebration, you can use the favourite colours of the person who is to be honoured. You can also use rainbow order, if not sure which coloured buttons to prefer.

Apart from the colour, the next important thing which you need to think about is the shape and texture of the buttons. When designing a button wreath, it is recommended to use buttons which inspire you to work on the decor idea. Check if the colour shades are working for you not. For Christmas, the most ideal colour theme can be created by combining red, green, white, silvers and golden while for patriotic events, it is better to you use colours as per the country’s flag. To signify the onset of seasons like spring, pastels are the perfect choice while for fall season, brown, orange and other such shades are a good choice.


Embellishments to make your wreath more beautiful

Once the colours and the shapes are done with, you need to start with the arrangement. Cut out a ring from plain paper based on the wreath size. Once done, you can start arranging the colourful buttons on it using glue. You can even add up embellishments to make your wreath look more extravagant and beautiful. Use the buttons in a manner such that it covers the entire design and your wreath looks filled out. You need to be strict with the positioning of the buttons to make it look perfect. Once done, use ribbons of contrasting colour shades and other décor items to complete the look of your button wreath.


Get good quality button wreaths in a hassle-free manner

Well, although easy, requires a lot of time and effort. So, to ease up your work and make your home decor look authentic, Floral Beanie is here. We sell top quality button wreaths made out of bright coloured fancy buttons. You can get it customized according to the theme colour and occasion. Our professionals skillfully craft and design the buttons of varied colours to prepare the best wreath for you. We provide free delivery service at every corner of Singapore. You can easily place an order for the button wreath according to your choice and receive it in a few hours.

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