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Felt Wreath, A Choice Not To Be Ignored

Felt wreath, like many other types of wreath are also getting popular with their nature of lasting for a longer time span. They are made with the felt material which is a type of fabric that is made with a few different types of material to give it a compressed volume. Felt can be dyed in different colors depending on the requirement and the choices. Felt flower wreaths are suitable when you want to keep your Christmas, celebratory or other wreaths for a longer time span without worrying about the drying fresh flowers.

Felt flower wreath got famous through the region of New Zealand and is gaining popularity in Singapore, it is made with material that has no scent. This makes it much suitable for the people who are prone to allergies without compromising on its power of bringing colors and positivity to the environment. Wreaths in general are made in circular shape, denoting the expression of a never-ending gratitude, love or prosperity.

Our Experienced Felt Wreath Designers

As we know that the felt flower wreaths can be made into shapes of your desired object such as circular, heart and even in the shape of a diamond. It all depends upon the place this wreath will be placed or the person they will be gifted to. As the they are decorated with material that is created artificially, it can be made in any color as you desire.

Felt wreath are perfect for Christmas wreath decoration, celebratory seasonal fall wreath and even the celebration of autumn wreaths. Felt wreath can be decorated in the said material making roses, succulent wreath or any other shape that you desire. In home decor, it is witnessed to have been used as the decoration on the front door, room doors and even as wall hanging.

In order to make a perfect felt wreath, you need special craft supplies and an idea how to handle this tricky material. Sticking it on the base can be a tough job as adhesive glue might be able to damage the material and comprise its true potential of its beauty. Our felt flower wreath designers and craftsmen are experienced in handling giving this material a perfect shape. Felt requires a special talent to be handled which not many skilled people in Singapore posses like our artists.


Customize Your Felt Wreath

Felt wreath material is tricky to handle, and one can always try to make a design of their choice at home. They need all the relevant material, such as felt fabric, cutting tools, the right type of adhesive glue and the base needed for it. You can always DIY and customize the felt wreath as you desire but it will be time consuming as you need to be skilled in handling this material. It requires to be shaped in a certain style to give the desired outlook.

If you are unsure and lack confidence in your skills, we would highly recommend to contact us and we will take care of your choice to spread every-lasting smiles and joyous atmosphere that lasts for a long time.

Felt Wreath Of Your Choice At Your Convenience

Felt flower wreath is a wonderful decorative ornament that can be used anywhere in the house or a shop. Its long-lasting capacity can provide a permanent look filled with bright colors and an uplifting look. A catalogue of our felt wreath designs is uploaded on our website for your viewing. These are labelled as part of home décor, Christmas and other festivals and an option to get it customized according to your choice. These can make the perfect gifts that will be admired and remembered for a lifetime.

All you must do is, with a few clicks you can choose your desired choice of felt wreath, designed and crafted by our experienced wreath designers. And get them delivered in due time, across Singapore.




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