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Rosemary Wreath, A Sign Of Hope

Rosemary wreath has a strong significance of loyalty and fertility in women. Rosemary is often considered as an herb, but its symbolism has never been understood by most people. In earlier Greek culture, rosemary wreath was seen with women getting married. As a handfasting ceremony, as a decorative crown and even as love and fidelity. Though, it has many associations with remembrance of the departed but most commonly, rosemary is considered as a sign of hope.

As the rosemary symbolizes love and a bond of friendship, it was proudly worn by women as hopes of conceiving a baby. Rosemary wreaths have been witnessed to be worn on hands, as a crown and even carried along in flower bouquets. But with throughout time, they are used in homes as part of the home décor for beautifying and positive energy.

Rosemary was earlier used for the strengthening of memory, spiritually symbolizing a long-lasting and effective relationship. During wedding ceremonies, along with the bride it is also given to guests as part of the gift. Rosemary plant has a light smell but strong and is in tiny leaves green in color. A rosemary wreath maybe dull in color but its significance is considered a great deal. Hence, it is often gifted and decorated in its original form without an addition of other flowers and foliage.

Wreath as we know is mostly in a circular shape. Though, it can be made into other shapes too based on the preference. What matters is the fact that a wreath shows a never-ending loop, with no starting or the end point. This signifies the factor of eternal on going expression of your feelings.


Rosemary Wreath Artisans

Even though a rosemary wreath is crafted in its original form but that does not restrict it to its orthodox design. Knowing how to beautify it in a creative form is the primary job of a florist. Rosemary may be associated with women in hopes of conceiving a child and given during wedding ceremonies. But it can also be a suitable ornament to show and express remembrance of a departed soul.

Our florists have the perfect idea on how to design a rosemary wreath that suits the person it is being presented to or the occasion. Rosemary wreath can survive up to a week without being watered and to make its lifespan longer, certain measures are taken. The wreath is fitted with a hard sponge at the bottom to water the stems. This makes them survive for a longer time period and keep the wreath in its freshest look.


Customized Rosemary Wreath

Having to figure out the perfect rosemary wreath can be a tricky situation. Based on your need, if it must be given to a bride the wreath will be designed differently. Bridal rosemary wreaths are usually grand and portrays a sense of celebration. Other than that, there are rosemary wreaths that can be gifted to a person as part of their home décor. As they signify positivity and a sense of hope they are adored and can beautify your living space with their rustic look.

Rosemary wreath can also be customized at your will depending on your choice and preference. Our florists can cater to your need in the most unique way in a budget friendly manner.


Rosemary Wreath At Your Convenience

Our rosemary wreaths are made in the most well-curated and unique style. If you are confused, you can scroll through our album pins on Pinterest and decide your selection from the catalogue. We are more than happy to design, and have it delivered to your or the recipient anywhere in Singapore. All the deliveries made are free of cost.



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