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Grab the Blissful and Grand Rustic Wreaths at our Store

Floral Beanie is a flourishing online florist store in Singapore that has different types of wreaths. Our prominent ones are the rustic wreaths and, we handcraft every wreath with utmost care to make the best home decors. And our wreaths are sure to impress you if you are interested in making your home presentable.

Your doors cannot get any better with our beautifully made rustic wreaths. These heart-warming wreaths are the best gifts to send for your friend’s house warming function or a thanksgiving event.


Enjoy Shopping Different Kinds of Rustic Wreaths at Floral Beanie

We offer many vibrant rustic wreaths at our store. One of the worth mentioning wreaths is the rustic orange rust and cream hydrangea grapevine wreath for your front door. These are show-stopping decors, which are sure to grab the attention of the crowd. It can be used as a grand décor in festival seasons. You are allowed to choose the bow colour for the wreath before we take the orders.

Another interesting rustic wreath is the rustic wreath wedding guestbook. This can be customised by selecting your choice of design to be displayed on the front cover. You are free to personalise names and, wedding message of your interest.

We do offer multiple rustic wreaths for your front door.  Our wreaths look so natural that they can be a perfect choice for all homes and, renders you the farmhouse-inspired look. We try to keep our wreaths as simple as possible to make it look pleasing.

The bestselling wreaths are the rustic peony wreath made of faux peonies, faux floral and grapevine to make it look eye-catchy. The wreath is made of artificial flowers and, provides a greenish look to your environment.


Why Should You Order From Floral Beanie

Floral Beanie being the sought after florists in Singapore deliver flowers and wreaths with perfection. Professionalism and timely delivery go hand in hand at Floral Beanie. Our flowers are farm fresh and imported from Malaysia now and then, to create fresh bouquets.

Our wreaths are made from artificial flowers imported from various places, to make it look refreshing. We promise utmost quality in whatever we deliver be it wreaths or bouquets.


Our Florists Understand Us Better

A team of ardent florists are available at Floral Beanie, to keep up with our quality and standards. We hold our heads high as reliable florists because of them as they help us to manage our orders. Be it an urgent delivery or a standard delivery, they put the right amount of effort to listen to our customer’s requirements before designing mind-blowing wreaths.


We Live Up To Your Expectations

Being the budding florists in Singapore, we make sure we fulfil your expectations and never let you down. In case, we could not deliver any wreath due to availability issues we take time to call you and inform you in the first place.

And then we ensure the wreath is shipped to your home at the earliest time. That is how we build trust with our customers. We value integrity and everything is transparent with us.


Enjoy Delivery at Home

At Floral Beanie, our freshly created wreaths are delivered in no time for you at home, effortlessly. You just need to order the wreaths from our store and grab the wonderful wreaths at home. We take it as a pleasure to come home all the way and deliver to see smiles all around.

Our free delivery may not be expeditious, but we make sure it arrives within a short time.


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Make it a point to read our testimonials to know how well we have served our customers and made their day. It is never too late to order your favourite wreaths and, make the most of our elegant beauties.

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