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Are you wondering if it’s possible to have flowers delivered to a hotel in Singapore? The answer is a “Yes.” It may be challenging to gift a loved one who is spending in a hotel you are far from. You may want to gift your lover who is in Singapore for official duty, and their birthday is on that specific day, and you can’t fly to join him/her. Flower delivery to hotel Singapore has become possible with the availability of reliable local florists like who offer same-day flower delivery services for different occasions in Singapore.


Flower Delivery to Hotel in Singapore is Necessary

With millions of visitors coming to Singapore each year, there are a million reasons to want to send flowers to a hotel in Singapore. At Floral Beanie, we can deliver a flower bouquet or a gift basket to any local hotel. If you have a friend celebrating a birthday in Singapore, it would be a great idea to send them a chocolate gift basket.

If you know someone you just got married in Singapore, send the newlyweds a white flower bouquet. Or if you are in Singapore with your significant other for an anniversary, have a bouquet of red roses delivered to your hotel, so they are there when you get back at night. A minute spent admiring a flower bouquet is worth spending a day on Facebook or Instagram.

Since there are different reasons you can send different flowers to the hotel in Singapore, you need to make a perfect choice of flowers or bouquets you want to be delivered to a hotel. Different flower colors or floral arrangements have a different meaning, and it is good to give the right meaning with the flowers you purchase. For that reason, we are ever ready to guide you in making the right choice when it comes to flower colors and combinations.

All our flowers are professionally crafted by experts to ensure we offer our clients unbeatable high-quality flowers to remain in the memories of the recipients. Other than expertise, we have highly experienced florists who are conversant with all the types of bouquets and flower arrangements. We are here to ensure to get the value for your money. On request, we include elegant flower vases, gift hampers, or any other aspect you may wish delivered together with your flower gift.


Don’t Sit and Wait; Contact Us for a Flower Delivery to Hotel

Ordering flowers from is very simple. With an internet connection, you can access our website and visit our online shop at and choose your favorite flowers for flower delivery to hotel. If you need assistance in picking the most appropriate flowers, feel free to contact us on the phone or by email.

After selecting the flower bouquet, add it to the cart and proceed to add the details of the recipient for convenient delivery. When placing a flower delivery to hotel order, please include the full name of the recipient, the full hotel address, and the hotel room number in case you know it. The concierge at the hotel will ensure the recipient can pick-up the flowers at the reception desk or have them delivered to their room. Don’t forget to fill out the free personalized card message to include on your gift to make the memory and experience of your loved one more special.

The last thing is to make a direct payment to our bank account and then have your flower delivered to a hotel immediately.


The Uniqueness About Our Deliveries

With, there is always something to celebrate. We sell all our products at affordable rates and offer our flower delivery to hotel services to all hotels in Singapore. It doesn’t matter where the hotel is located as long as you give us the address and the name of the recipient. Hotels can also order flowers from us. Sometimes you need a new flower bouquet at the hotel reception. We make same-day flower deliveries to all our clients. Try us today!

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