99 Yellow Rose Bouquet


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Big Yellow Rose Bouquet come with 3 choice of sizes. There are 69 Stalks, 99 Stalks and 999 Stalks options.

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Product Description

This Big Yellow Rose Bouquet is suitable for anniversary, valentine, birthday and all romantic occasions.

Product Care

Floral Beanie will deliver this fresh bouquet to you, wrapped with care. Upon unwrapping the bouquet, you may wish to put this bouquet into a vase that filled with water to hydrate the flowers. This will help to prolong the lifespan of this bouquet. After displaying it, continue to replace the water in vase everyday.

As all fresh cut plant and flower wither after a period of time, same for this bouquet. It is normal for its natural colours to fade and for its leaves to start curling in slightly.

It is best to keep the bouquet away from direct sunlight and far from any heat source. These are other conditions that may cause the bouquet to fade in colour faster and become fragile.


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