Happy Birthday 18pcs Kitkat Bouquet


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Celebrate adulthood with our “Happy Birthday 18pcs Kitkat Bouquet.” Symbolizing growth and new beginnings, the bouquet features 18 Kitkat bars, each representing life’s unique flavors. Kitkat’s sharing tradition reinforces bonds, while its taste adds joy. Ideal for any adult’s birthday, this bouquet beautifully merges the essence of 18 and Kitkat, offering a memorable and versatile gift. Unwrap the sweetness of life and embrace the journey ahead with this delightful and meaningful present.

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Product Description

Introducing the delightful “Happy Birthday 18pcs Kitkat Bouquet” – a splendid fusion of confectionery joy and thoughtful gifting, designed to make birthdays truly memorable. This unique bouquet goes beyond the ordinary, infusing symbolism and sweetness into every detail.

The number 18 holds a special significance, representing the passage into adulthood and the embrace of new opportunities. Just as an 18-year-old embarks on an exciting journey, each element in this bouquet symbolizes a different facet of life’s sweetness. Comprising 18 meticulously selected Kitkat bars, this bouquet celebrates the joyous transition into adulthood with its vibrant flavors and textures, much like the diverse experiences that await.

Kitkat, a universally loved chocolate, carries more than just great taste. The act of “breaking” each bar encourages a moment of pause and sharing, reinforcing bonds among loved ones. In the same way, this bouquet encourages connections, fostering memories that will be cherished for years to come. As the birthday celebrant breaks apart the Kitkat bars, they’ll be reminded of the sweetness of life and the importance of savoring each moment.

Crafted with precision, the “Happy Birthday 18pcs Kitkat Bouquet” is an ideal birthday gift for anyone entering adulthood. Its visually striking presentation combines the beauty of flowers with the delectable charm of Kitkat, culminating in a tasteful and tasteful expression of love and celebration. Whether it’s a close friend, a family member, or a colleague, this bouquet transcends age and gender, making it a versatile choice for anyone celebrating their special day.

Incorporating the celebratory essence of 18 and the universal appeal of Kitkat, this bouquet transcends the ordinary, making it a meaningful and heartfelt gift choice. As the recipient unwraps the layers of sweetness and breaks apart each bar, they’ll be reminded of the exciting journey that lies ahead. Make their birthday truly exceptional with the “Happy Birthday 18pcs Kitkat Bouquet” – a gift that encapsulates joy, love, and the sweetness of life.

Subject for availability, our florist may substitute the flowers, vase or add on gift with product of similar value.

Product Care

Floral Beanie will deliver this fresh bouquet to you, wrapped with care. Upon unwrapping the bouquet, you may wish to put this bouquet into a vase that filled with water to hydrate the flowers. This will help to prolong the lifespan of this bouquet. After displaying it, continue to replace the water in vase everyday.

As all fresh cut plant and flower wither after a period of time, same for this bouquet. It is normal for its natural colours to fade and for its leaves to start curling in slightly.

It is best to keep the bouquet away from direct sunlight and far from any heat source. These are other conditions that may cause the bouquet to fade in colour faster and become fragile.


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