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Why Hydrangea Bouquets From Floral Beanie are So Stunning

Don’t fluff balls of blossoms in pretty colors aesthetically please your eyes? Weddings are special occasions where you’d want to transform the entire venue into a dreamy location. Flowers are one of the best decors to elevate the aesthetics of the place. If your wedding theme includes bright and vibrant colors, so hydrangea flower bouquets must be present at your wedding. You can get them from, the best florist offering same day flower delivery Singapore services.


What We Can Offer You!

Hydrangeas are one of the most spectacular and easily recognizable flowers we stock at With their large heads and bright extended petals, they are instantly recognizable in sky blue, creamy white, green, purple, and pink hydrangeas in tones from baby pink to ruby red.

Perfectly at home in bunches by themselves, hydrangeas can equally be used to form the base in bouquets and larger arrangements. While white hydrangeas are ideally suited to weddings and table decorations, the luxurious, deep purple is the polar opposite, splashing color and invigorating all around it. Universally adored, a hydrangea bouquet is bound to make an impression on a loved one or colleague, though gardeners rightly love them for their hardiness and durability.

We have a variety of fresh hydrangea bouquets throughout the year to choose from. So whether it’s a bunch of luminous white hydrangeas for Mothering Sunday, delicate green playing off against the bolder colors of calla lilies and carnations, or a giant purple heads as part of a heart-stopping bouquet, we have it all at Floral Beanie just a click away. Our collection features different hydrangea bouquets with some containing other luxurious flowers. With their numerous vibrant and pastel colors, there is never a dull moment having them in your presence. Hydrangea bouquets are perfect for use as anniversary flowers, graduation bouquets, new baby flowers, etc.  

We pride ourselves on offering the best floral designs in Singapore, and with this, in mind, our experienced florists have paired these beautiful flowers with blooms like the vibrant germini, white roses, and diminutive alstroemeria to create color-coordinated arrangements carefully to adorn your home this season. Each hydrangea bouquet is completed with lush greenery to create a full and sumptuous arrangement.

Hydrangea flowers are fluffy and voluminous flowers that add plenty to weddings and other exclusive functions. They bloom during summer through fall. It makes them perfect for any season like summer or spring wedding. Summers and springs are all about colors and everlasting happiness; so are hydrangeas. They come in an extremely varied range of radiant colors; there’s a treat for every pair of eyes. From elegant white blossoms to bold burgundy, the options are plenty.


How to Perfect Your Wedding with Hydrangea Bouquets

For a perfect wedding, all you need to do is choose a color theme, and hydrangea bouquets will weave magic in the air to transform the entire location. There are plenty of ways to use these versatile flowers. For centerpieces, only a few stems of hydrangeas would result in voluminous and alluring floral decoration. The bridal bouquet is one of the main segments of the wedding.

Hydrangea flowers symbolize perseverance, happiness, satisfaction, and everlasting love in their true sense. For a walk of elegance, choose white and glossy light pink hydrangeas for the beautiful bridesmaid bouquet, to complement the gown. For a bold and dressier accessory, a colorful Hydrangea bouquet would be fine. For men, hydrangea boutonnieres that match the bridal bouquet would look more perfect and classy in your floral decoration.


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Floral Beanie delivers smiles to your doorstep. We deliver gifts to their destined locations the same day you order them. You easily order for a hydrangea bouquet by visiting our online shop wherever you are. You will take less time ordering for a bouquet than you take to go through a one-page blog post. You can contact us by email or call us for queries related to our products and deliveries

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