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Alstroemeria Bouquet: The Lasting Showy Lily-like Flower Bouquet

Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian Lily or Lily of The Incas, is a showy lily-like flowers with deep, thick roots.This South America plant is a genus of flowering plants in the family of Alstroemeriaceae, and in order of Liliales. The plant was named after a Swedish baron named Baron Claus von Alstomer, who had discovered the flower while collecting seeds on a trip to Spain in 1753. In fact, it is more closely related to Amaryllis compared to true lilies. It is also one of the best and most widely adapted annual cut flowers that can stay fresh for up to two weeks.


Eyes-catching Tropical Blossoms

Alstroemeria has been cultivated into a wide varieties that spread to all over the world and available in all year round. This beautifully spotted perennials bloom in a wide colour palette, from pure white to vibrant yellow, orange apricot to deep fuchsia, and blushing pink to bright red, what’s more amazing is that some of the flowers also streak with brushstrokes of contrasting colours.

Alstroemeria blooms in summer, so it is important to provide a sunny areas with cool breeze. However, in tropical regions like Singapore, you should plant them in shady bright space. Before planting, ensure the roots are well below the surface of the well-drained soil that is enriched with compost and manure.

The flowers of the Alstroemeria are so colourful and diverse that they are not only excellent in garden pots and flowerbeds, they are also essential in bridal bouquet or wedding reception centrepiece. With their assorted streaks and speckles, they are best paired with taller tropical flowers such as Asiatic Lilies, Bird of Paradise, Orchids, or Lobster Claws.

For a spring flower bouquet, you can pair the Alstroemeria with tulips or fragrant hyacinth; in the summer let Alstroemeria shines bright with sunflowers or Gerbera Daisies; during the fall pair your yellow Alstroemeria with orange and rust Dahlias or Mums, adding fall leaves around the blooms make it more attractive and stylish. You can also add berries and branches to enhance the artistic conception. Thanks to the wide variety of colour combinations, you can always find one to meet your preference and design needs.


Peruvian Lily: The Anniversary Flower & Friendship Flower

Unlike the major types of flowers, Alstroemeria’s leaves twist out from the stem as they grow and turn upside down with the leaves facing the sun. This unusual spiral growth pattern has been used to symbolize the twists, turns, and growth of friendships. Therefore, Alstroemeria bouquet is commonly presented to friends as birthday gift to show appreciation, commemorate strong bond of friendship, and wish for future growth of harmony. In the meantime, Alstroemeria bouquet is a symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

It is best presented to your colleague who has just got promoted, or new neighbor’s welcoming open-house, or even simply displaying them in your house can create good vibrations and brighten up your house. Besides, they are also the 30th wedding anniversary flower, representing devotion and loyalty. Having it to mark the special day in your and your partner’s lives is utterly essential.


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