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Amaryllis Bouquet Love with Spark

Amaryllis, also called Hippeastrum, specifically, is a monotypic genus in the sub-tribe Amaryllidinae. In general Amaryllis Bouquet is known as Naked Ladies Bouquet or the Belladonna Lily Bouquet. It is a small genus of flowering bulbs that native to South America and South Africa, and many hybrid Amaryllis varieties are grown in tropical and subtropical areas.

In Greek, Amaryllis means “to sparkle,” and its botanical name, Hippeastrum, refers to “knight star”. Amaryllis is also known to be a lily-shaped or bell-shaped blossom, but it looks more like a star when viewing the flower directly from the front. Basically, Amaryllis is a bulbous plant that has big green leaves that shaped like straps and sepals. The flowers tend to be white with red veins, but some also appear in purple, pink, orange, yellow, or even variegated where all the colours of the Amaryllis are gathered in one blossom.

Amaryllis Bouquet from Easy-growing Tropical Amaryllis

A sandy and slightly acidic soil that is moist and well-drained is the most ideal place to grow Amaryllis that used to produce Amaryllis Bouquet. It produces large and colourful trumpet-shaped flowers that can reach up to ten inches wide. Typically, these tropical bulbs can take 8 to 12 weeks to grow an Amaryllis after they are planted. Taking care of them is relatively an easy job after they begin growing. Just place your potted Amaryllis in a room-tempered warm bright spot with indirect sunlight, and water the plant when the soil is dry to touch.

When to Make Amaryllis Bouquet

Most people discarded the cut Amaryllis after its blossom has gone. In fact, Amaryllis flowers can last for quite a long time when it is cut and put in a vase with proper care. Cutting the flowers from Amaryllis plant to make Amaryllis Bouquet can actually help the bulb bloom again. The best time to cut the flowers is before the buds begin to open. Use a sharp knife to snip the flower stem about 2 inches above the bulb at a 45-degree angle and immediately transfer the cut stems to a vase filled with tepid water.

The flowers are expected to appear in one to two days. Remember to change the water using room-temperature water every two days. You may add in some floral preserves or crushed aspirin tablet to help prolong the blooming up to three weeks. You may also want to insert a flower cane or hollow prop to support the weight of the flower. To get Amaryllis bulbs to re-bloom year after year, you have to remove the faded flowers and stalks but the leaves, as soon as the plant has finished blooming.

Amaryllis Bouquet is the Flower of Love, Success, And Joy

Greek Mythology has it that Amaryllis Bouquet symbolizes the blood of the love. For the Victorian gentlemen, an Amaryllis Bouquet means a strong, self-confident and very beautiful woman. Due to its long blossom period, a well-cared Amaryllis bulb also illustrates that prosperity stays in the home for a very long time. Nowadays, Amaryllis has become a symbol of achieving success over a long and difficult struggle. Therefore, it is ideal for you to send an Amaryllis to someone who has striven hard as a token of appreciation.

Amaryllis Bouquet Home Decoration

The most popular colour for Amaryllis bouquet is red which represents the blood from Amaryllis’ heart in Greek mythology. When it comes to Christmas season, Amaryllis bouquet is popularly associated with the annual celebration besides Poinsettia. Its immense crimson and white blossoms are the chiefs that brighten up Christmas season and enhance holiday decorations.

With their striking colours and charming blossoms, Amaryllis bouquets are also excellent to your home décor. Their large, exotic, and vibrant blooms will certainly brighten up your house and lighten up your mood. Not forgetting that Amaryllis bouquet is also an ideal gift for birthday or other joyous celebrations.

Amaryllis Bouquet also Can be Potted Plant

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Amaryllis Bouquet is Waiting for You

The stunning varieties of Amaryllis bouquets are awaiting to be served and make your day delightful. Order now to get the best selection with freshest quality. All comes with free flower bouquet delivery service to your designate locations in Singapore!



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