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Laceleaf: Anthurium Bouquet

Anthurium is one of the most popular tropical flowers native to South and Central America where high humidity and warmth are adequately provided. It is the largest genus of the arum family, Araceae, that has about 1000 species of flowering plants.In Greek, the name Anthurium means tail flower, which refers to the tail-like flower spikes. Anthurium is also generally known as Painted Tongue, Cock’s comb, Bull’s heads, Flamingo Flower, and Laceleaf, due to its appearance. Now this tropical flower has been widely cultivated and well distributed in tropical regions include Singapore.


Growing a Compelling Plant in Your Backyard

Anthurium is one of the most popular tropical flowers with about six-month long or more vase life. Some of the Anthuriums are flowering varieties and some have deeply veined foliage. They can grow up to 15-20 inches high, depending on the size of the spathe. Their leaves are usually large, borne on long slender stalks, and attractively multicolored with yellow, red, pink, orange, or even white and green for cultivated species.

Most of these plants can only be grown in greenhouse and botanical gardens where the temperature is at or above 60 °F, for instance A. andreanum, A. scherzerianum, A. crystallinum, and A. faustinomirandae. Extra attention and care are needed to grow them indoor or in domestic living, as there is not a particular Anthurium adapted to lower-than-room-temperature environment.

To grow an Anthurium, plant it in moist and well-drained potting soil and let them thrive in bright, indirect light. Foliage Anthurium may grow aerial roots vigorously and exposed to the surface, you may gently push them into the soil from time to time. To propagate this plant, divide the plant during annual repotting, or cut the tip or stem.

The exposed roots of older foliage can be cut off at the soil level, eventually the roots will grow new stems and leaves. When growing Anthurium, it is common to see a phenomenon that the flowers of the plant fade to green. It is due to insufficient proper light intensity and duration. However, need not to worry as this not a big matter. Just expose your plant indirectly to the sunlight will do. Or else, you may enjoy the brilliant green spathes and the glossy foliage as just another lovely aspect of this plant.


Anthurium Bouquet Delivery: Flowers for All Occasions

Anthurium has been universally recognized as a symbol of hospitality and happiness since ancient times, due to its heart-shaped leaves and blossoms. They are also good choice of presents for someone who has just graduated, been promoted, or retired. When Anthuriums comes with various colours, each colour brings different meanings for different occasions.

Red Anthurium is a common symbol of passion and love, which is a great present for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries in your relationship. White, symbolism of purity and innocence, is a great choice for bridal bouquets or wedding arrangements. Pink Anthurium represents femininity and is well suited for Mother’s Day, or for someone who has recently become a mother. Green Anthurium represents hope, power and growth, having it at home helps freshen your home and give it the natural look.

The Anthurium flower can also be found in purple that is usually represents spirituality and royalty. You can send purple Anthurium to someone who doesn’t like usual thing or prefer something different from other people.

It is believed that having a potted Anthurium at home may bring luck, abundance, and positive vibrations.Therefore, you should have one on your living room table to help delight your house and fill with positive energy and good vibrations. Besides, Anthurium flowers are appropriate for nearly all celebrations: wedding décor, graduations, and promotions.

Sending a vibrant Anthurium bouquet mixed with exquisite roses or orchids, along with hampers or fruit baskets,is a great idea for almost all occasions. Floral Beanie is now ready to provide you a tropical touch to floral displays through online. Let us know your needs and we’ll give the best options that suit your criteria. You will find infinite kinds of mixed flower arrangements and single or multiple floral displays.


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