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Artificial flower bouquets: An emerging trend, faux flowers over natural flowers

Gone are the days where people would think twice to choose artificial flowers over natural flowers as they can be easily spotted as a fake. In the past, it was obvious that the flowers looked cheap and fake due to the use of poor material, less vibrant colors, frayed texture, etc. We’ve entered an era where faux flowers are replacing real and natural flowers. In the past few years, customers embraced artificial flowers due to modern material and sophisticated designs.

There is a multitude of outlets and websites available where you can order artificial flower bouquets and it’s difficult to zero in on the right vendor who can reach your expectations. Even today customers incur problems with the artificial flowers range from cheap and frayed material flowers, limited vibrant colors, delayed delivery, damaged flowers, order mismatch, premium prices, no customization options, to fewer designs and variety.


Wander No More: One-stop shop for the best in class artificial flower bouquets

Amid the ocean of vendors, we take pride and stand for the trust of people in Singapore serving hundreds of thousands of customers over the last 2 decades with a unique selling proposition. Ours is a one-stop online portal for all your requirements for artificial flowers in Singapore.

We have a wide range of seasonal flowers, a huge collection of lifelike faux blooms with a variety of colors and a superior quality which gives real touch and natural looking to your customized artificial flowers and bouquets. The material used ranges from foam flowers, plastic flowers, silk flowers to paper flowers and to meet our customers’ expectations we use latex, polyester for the artificial flowers which are closest to the natural flowers and gives natural look to make every celebration remarkable.


Happy Customers: Beyond the expectations 

We have been serving customers from all the corners of Singapore with our topnotch artificial flowers bouquet for all the occasions and celebrations. We craft super-naturalistic flowers, silk flower bouquets, artificial orchids, silk corsages and wristlets with an impressive selection of fake stems, sprays, fragrance and leaves which are no less than the natural look and feel.


Your search ends with us!

We stand unique by focusing on high-quality customer service. The customers are provided options like refund, guaranteed satisfaction, same-day delivery, delivery schedule, secured online payment, decorations and add-ons, customized floral arrangements. We make you love artificial flower bouquets and the reasons for you to think of our store are

  1. Hassle-free selection and delivery: Order them at your comfort and have them delivered to your door front. Receive them months ahead of your occasion time, arrange them and forget until the time of occasion.
  2. Allergen-free: We have allergen-free lush faux flowers which are of superior material which doesn’t require you to deal with the repercussions of allergies.
  3. Order any flower, any color, any time: Get your favorite artificial flowers throughout the year at an incredibly affordable price especially when the availability of natural flowers is less and very expensive.
  4. Durable: Our faux flowers are made to endure outdoors and can withstand many things and last long. we are specialized in delivering the flowers safely and the skills of our unique crafts include wired stems which don’t break, and silk flowers don’t wilt or die.


Just a click away:

Don’t wait until the moment of the occasion. All your requirements for fresh and natural-looking flowers are just a click away with our flagship artificial flowers. No more watering, no sunlight, no trimming, no need to buy soil and replace the post.  Our artificial flowers stand a reason for your happiness and hassle-free maintenance to restore beauty in your home.

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