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Aster Bouquet, Starworts a Star Like Flower

Asters are beautiful perennials that comprised of a group of tiny tubular flowers in a central disk, and surrounded by petals. The genus of Asters from the Asteraceae family, are chiefly found wild in North America, and now cultivated and spread abundantly throughout the world as they can grow in a wide range of climates from tropics to cooler regions.

The word Aster is derived from Greek and refers to star-like flowers, due to the shape of their blossoms. Thus, Aster Bouquets are also generally called as Starworts Bouquets, Michaelmas Daisies Bouquet, or Frost Flowers Bouquet. For your information, the China Aster, scientifically called as Callistephus Cinensis, also a Compositae, is more related to the true Asters.

Leafy, Luminous, Luxurious

Aster plants are mostly having coarse stem along with simple toothed or toothless leaves. Their leaves are often dark green, but the flowers come in a rainbowy colour ranging from red to purple, and even bi-colours in a single stem. Their bright and diverse colours make them attractive to another colourful organism – butterflies. And that’s what makes Aster good choices for a flower lover or gardener like you to plant in flowerbed at your backyard or balcony. The September birth flower, Asters, also hold the honour of being the 20th wedding anniversary flower, is one of the most extravagant plant that should be existed in your garden.

Aster flowers can grow in many different conditions that a lot of other species of flowers may not be able to. However, they might grow relatively slow depending on their environment. Therefore, fertilization is a need to proliferate your flora. Just ensure that your Asters are planted in well-drained moist soil to obtain adequate water to flourish. With good air circulation and abundant sunlight, you can also avoid powdery mildew that might spoil your meticulous care. When late summer is around the corner, your garden will be blooming with exotic and fragrant flowers, up until the beginning of autumn.

Everlasting Symbolic Gifts

Just like all the other flowers, Aster bouquet has its own symbolic meaning that is very important for you to know before sending it to somebody. Since the ancient time, Aster bouquet has been given various meanings that are generally referred up until today. First and foremost, Aster bouquet symbolizes afterthought, as the Greek legend told. Aster is a flower of remembrance which is used in miserable occasions or farewell. You can deliver your sorrow and pain through this condolence flower.

In contrary, Aster bouquet denotes elegance due to its simple and delicate flower structure. And so, you can send Aster bouquet to anyone who is elegant and gentle in your opinion. Aster bouquet also means daintiness, a personality that is gentle and kind. For that reason, gift Aster flowers to women who like classy and feminine gifts.

Apart from that, Aster bouquet also represents patience, which is absolutely your best choice to gift to someone who needs patience in the exact moment, meanwhile signifying endurance and cooperation from whichever party. Last but not least, Aster bouquet is love of variety. With multiple colours of spectrum available from this plant, you can choose the right one for almost every occasion. Let the flowers speak for you, they could be more powerful than words.

Aster Bouquet, The Secret Messenger

We understand that you might not be as poetic with words, therefore, let our professional online florists to assist you. By comprehending the symbols and meanings of the flowers, you can send someone a message with more confidence and securely that you won’t be offending anyone. There are a numerous selections that can match your preferences of different flower arrangements for different occasions. Flora Beanie also offers you free and same day delivery service throughout whole Singapore for your pre-order flower bouquet. Rest assured your message being sent on time and understood.

Aster Bouquets are very versatile that for over the centuries, they have been widely used to send unspoken messages, or simply used to decorate homes and gardens. No matter what needs or occasions it is for, Flora Beanie helps you to choose the best and most suitable one. We are just one call away!



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