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Surprising And Different- Stunning Black Flower Bouquets To Your Rescue

In the world of flowers, black colour is a very rare sight. There are only a few exceptional species of flowers like Black Velvet Petunia which own the blackish colour shade. The colour black is considered as a strong, mysterious and unique shade. Usually, people connect the colour black with the idea of negativity and ominous connotations. However, if you delve deeper, you will find that black is the symbol of rebirth and rejuvenation.

Now the question comes that for what are these black flowers commonly used for? These black flowers are used for various ornamental purposes. Black coloured flowers often act as a surprise element in a garden, because it is unusual and unique. However, it should be noted that these flowers require proper soil with a proper amount of light and suitable climate to blossom.

Black Flower Bouquets – Are They Truly Black?

The chances of coming across a black flower is very rare. The only original flower which has a blacker shade is Black Velvet petunia. It has a very velvety and smooth texture with a distinctive dark shade. Compared to all other blooms falling under the category of black shade, it is considered as the darkest. However, it should be noted that even this flower is not truly black. If you look closely, you will find that it has a dark hue of purple.

Most of the commonly used flowers for preparing black flower bouquets are darker shades of purple and red. When these flowers are added to make a proper Floral arrangements, it brings up a wow factor with the flavours of mystery to the entire setting. offers a great variety of black flower arrangements where the expert florists pair these extraordinary black flowers with lighter shades. This contrast provides a better visual appeal as the blooms in black look darker and elegant.

Various Types Of Black Flower Bouquets

Coming to the types of black flowers, offers different combination of black flower bouquets using flowers like Queen Of the Night Tulip, Calla Lily, Black Baccara, Bat Orchid, Black Petunia, Black Dahlia, Black Widow, Black Pansy, and several others. As mentioned above, there are no complete black flowers. These flowers own a very dark shade of purple or red which makes gives it that blackish look. These exquisite range of flowers look very stunning and adds up beauty to simple flower bouquets.

Queen of the Night is one of the popular species of Tulip having a deep purple shade. These flowers have a very classy and distinguished floral appearance. Calla Lily is the next flower in this range which adds up a dramatic spark to a basic black flower bouquet.

These lily symbolize resurrection and rebirth, thus making it an amazing option to gift your loved loves who are dealing with illness. Baccara Roses are considered as the most appealing and beautiful flowers. It has a very unique and soothing fragrance.

Bat Orchids are quite black and have a spooky approach which makes them all-time favourite for enhancing the black flower bouquet. Apart from them, you can also get flowers like black widow, dahlia and chocolate petals at


Best Black Flower Bouquets At A Pocket-Friendly Cost

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