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Bridal Bouquet, A Beautiful Tradition Going Strong

Bridal bouquet has been marking its presence on wedding days since older days, dating back to the ancient Rome.Back in the days, bridal bouquets meant so much more than being a mere accessory to adorn the whole bridal look or to keep your hands occupied while walking down the wedding aisle to look less awkward.

Floral wedding bouquets symbolized great beginnings and fertility during ancient Greece and Rome, and upon being replaced with herbs, bridal bouquets in the Middle Ages were used to fend off evil spirits, while in the Victorian era, going back to flowers, the wedding bouquets were carefully picked to send secret messages as certain flowers were associated with different meanings, which are still somehow relatable until today.


Wedding Anxiety? Nope! Not with the Bridal Bouquet, Not on Your Wedding!

Planning for a wedding has never been an easy task, from venue surveying, dress picking, cake testing to other teeny details which makes you wished you had 48 hours a day. Everything needs to be perfect on the wedding day and Floral Beanie is here to help you realize that childhood dream wedding of yours because you would be needing all the help which you can get. The last thing we want you to worry is whether or not your wedding bouquet reaches on time or if it matches your bridal look.


One in A Million Wedding Bouquet Customization? We are on It!

We treat every wedding bouquet like a masterpiece so rest assured that we deliver only the best arrangement according to your personal preference. Scroll along to the array of wedding bouquets on our website to see if any catches your eye, or head on to contact us for a bridal bouquet consulting session to craft your very own personal wedding bouquet. We believe that the bridal bouquet is essential to complete the bridal look on your wedding day, though not overpowering because you should still be the centrepiece and to add a touch to wedding photoshoots.

Bridal bouquet customization also allows you to add a more sentimental touch to it and you are more than welcomed to pass us any elements to be incorporated into it such as some dried flowers from the first bouquet he has given you. A wedding bouquet consultation also allow us curate the perfect bridal bouquet according to your budget. Let us show you how a good wedding bouquet does not need to break your bank.


Speed Delivering Only the Freshest Bridal Bouquet to You

At Floral Beanie, we choose only the freshest flowers for our bouquets, which includes the bridal bouquets. We also import seasonal blooms from across the world to spoil you with more choices. The current Singaporean favourites for a wedding bouquets are roses, tulips, baby breathes and lilies. Roses carry the meaning of joy and love while tulips symbolize consuming love. We are however always on the look too for the latest trends for wedding bouquets to make you stand out.

Flowers do not deal very well with high temperature and keeping it inside your refrigerator may not be ideal as well because the vegetables in your fridge emits chemicals which may kill the flowers. But fret not, Floral Beanie provides same day speedy delivery to ensure that your bridal bouquet looks at its best when you walk yourself to the next chapter of your life.


Floral Beanie, Sending Blessings through Bridal Bouquets

Weddings are once in a life time, and we at Floral Beanie are excited to be a part of this magical journey while you shed tears of happiness. We do not only deliver wedding bouquets, we deliver happiness. So get in touch with us now!

Aside from bridal bouquets, as a one stop florist, we also provide services such as flower arrangements for the wedding venues, birthday bouquets and mother’s day bouquet. Anything to put a smile on one’s face.

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