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A Symbol Of Love And Fortune With Cornflower Bouquet

Cornflower are a beautiful looking and fresh fragrant blue flowers with many petals confined in its bloom. They originate from Central Europe but is also found in places like New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. They are an annual flower and are also called as the basket flowers. They are a bright colored flower which symbolizes wealth, fortune, good luck and friendship.

Cornflower bouquet has been a choice of flower arrangement in many occasions such as weddings, birthdays and even as a sign of gesture. It has a long history with folklore and is considered as the sign of fortune in the stories. Due to the nature of being a seasonal flower, it has a significance of its own and is a flower very much in demand. It is often given to brides on their weddings. It makes a perfect bridal bouquet when mixed with other kind of flowers.

It can be mixed with many different flowers to give it a rich look such as cymbidium orchids, carnation chrysanthemum, hyacinth iris, dandelions and roses. This floral bouquet with its bright color and strong fragrance brings a life to the surrounding. When gifted to your loved one, it makes a lasting impression.


Experienced Cornflower Bouquet Florists

Designing a well-curated cornflower bouquet can be a hard and tricky job. As these flowers are seasonal and bloom once a year only, managing them in a bouquet can only be done by someone who has experience in it like our florists. Flowers being the mode of expression where words fail to convey your message; a cornflower can send the right gesture. Beautifying the outlook of a bride as a bridal bouquet, the cornflower blooms are a perfect choice.

Designing them in the right way is all that matters and makes a big difference. These flowers when mixed and matched with flowers like cymbidium orchids, carnation chrysanthemum, hyacinth iris, dandelions and roses takes the form of a wonderful bouquet. Bright in color and sweet fragrance makes the environment livelier when placed in a closed environment like living space. They are a perfect gift to a loved one which can cheer them up and make their day.


Customize Your Cornflower Bouquet

A cornflower bouquet is a choice of elegance and class. There are many options that you can opt provided the idea of your choice. You can use many other flowers to mix and make them a wonderful gift. Obviously, a creative mind to put your idea in to perspective is required. Our florists have that expertise to do that under your budget.

There are many choices and aspects to be considered when gifting a cornflower bouquet. first, we need to understand who the bouquet is being gifted to. Secondly, the size of the flower bouquet and the amount of colors to be visible. And lastly, the base of the flower bouquet and if it is needed in a pot made with glass or ceramic or a tray base. Anything can be made under the budget allocated.


Get Your Cornflower Bouquet Delivered Around Singapore

Getting a cornflower bouquet delivered to your loved one or a friend is a gift that will be remembered for a very long time. You can order this floral bouquet from the comfort of your home which can be delivered to you anywhere around Singapore. Just log on to Floral Beanie to find a variety of designs and arrangements that can be catered to your need. Your personalized message and any other hamper will be delivered based on your choice and preference.

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