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Edelweiss Bouquet, A Lovers Devotion

Edelweiss bouquet is a symbol of true love and devotion towards your woman. Edelweiss flowers originate from the European regions such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They are associated with devotion so much that the history tells us how the men used to risk their lives to bring these flowers for their woman. They are white and yellow in color, white being the petals of the flower with yellow center.

Edelweiss flower also symbolizes the noble nature it profoundly endures. Gifting an edelweiss bouquet to your woman will have a strong gesture and it proves your emotions. With their long history of devotion and noble nature, they are famous in many countries. People from United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore understand its significance.

Among other flowers, edelweiss plays an important role in expression of your true feelings and intentions. Gifting it to your loved one will mark a strong sense of nostalgia. The beauty of this flower and its fragrance can enhance the life of your living space. Placing them inside a vase and decorating them on your dining table is one of the few things you can do to make the living environment livelier with the presence of an edelweiss bouquet.


Our Expert Florists With The Edelweiss Bouquet Designs

Edelweiss bouquet can be used in many occasions. Some of the most common events would be the wedding. These are one of the most beautiful arrangement of flowers that a bride would carry as her hand bouquet. in other context, you can gift them on the anniversary, valentines and even on her birthday. It shows your special feelings, intentions and devotion. Their beauty is as such that one can never go wrong with edelweiss bouquet.

Knowing what a flower means and understanding their symbolism is one thing but designing for the appropriate event is one. Our expert florists have the perfect idea on how to utilize these flowers in a setting that best suits the occasion. A wedding edelweiss bouquet will be different from the ones you should gift on any other day. Wedding days must be grand, and the arrangement of this flower is considered accordingly.


Customize Your Edelweiss Bouquet

You can always choose to have your own design for an edelweiss flower bouquet. If you know your woman’s favorite flower, you can mix and match those flower with edelweiss flower. Those white petals matched with some other bright colored flowers will always be a good choice and can make your loved one rejoice in happiness. Our florists have the most unique designs and can incorporate your ideas with their creativity to find the most loveable design of flower bouquet.

Your bouquet will be made in the most perfect and unique design. Our florist will make sure that they curate your ideas and satisfy your trust in us.


Get Your Edelweiss Bouquet Delivered Now

You can log on to Floral Beanie to see a range of design that we have already curated for our customers in Singapore. These designs are made by our florists and all rights are reserved. As you require, the edelweiss bouquet will be delivered to your loved on the same day, anywhere around Singapore.

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