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Surprise Your Loved Ones with Floral Beanie’s Same Day Freesia Bouquet Delivery in Singapore

If you’re looking for petals with a more intense fragrance, the pink and purple freesia flowers make themselves known with a scent that packs a punch! What exactly makes a freesia flower special? First, they have an oh-so-sweet scent that will freshen up any room you place them in.
The white freesia blooms emit a subtle fragrance that is sure to bring that nice touch to a space that does not need extra characters. These beautiful blooms have a unique funnel shape, so they add a lot of character to any bouquet! But of course, we can’t forget one of the main reasons why freesia flowers can grace any space of your choosing – they’re just packed with more blooms per stem, so they have a lot more to bring to the table.

Why the Freesia Flowers are Unique

These petals are wonderfully symbolic of friendship and gratitude, which is why freesias would be the go-to gifts for your closest friends or your siblings. They would even be great for people you want to show a bit of appreciation to co-workers, family, teachers; you name it! No matter whom you choose to gift, a freesia bouquet will get any sweet message across.
The freesia is one of the most scented flowers at and features in our unique bouquets, making it one of our best sellers and most beautiful fragrant bouquets delivered. The freesia is native to Africa and is found in yellow, white, and lavender. It has 14 different species with other colors available seasonally. Sometimes they are combined with an orchid to make new stunning bouquets.
We can describe the scent as a light and soft, sweet soap-like fragrance. Thanks to its aroma, the freesia flowers are incredibly popular in the soap industry for air fresheners and hand lotions, as well as scented oils for baths and perfume. When you buy a flower bouquet from us, you can be assured the flowers will be enjoyed optimally with the seven-day freshness guarantee. The freesia, although similar to the iris, is not an exception. With the appropriate care and attention, you can be sure of at least seven days of guaranteed freshness.

You Can Order For Freesia Bouquet Any Time Of The Year!

To send freesia plants or bouquet to a family, colleague, friend, or loved one is sure to make them noticed, happy, and remembered. It’s considered a gesture of innocence and purity. Such a delicate, fragile flower, the freesia has maintained its popularity for many, many years, and one of the most common favorite flowers.
The freesia is available all year round, its popularity spikes during springs when other delicate flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and iris become readily available. This, of course, means that the flowers we deliver in spring have the most beautiful aromas. Don’t mind if you need this flower, and it’s not spring. We share this beautiful flower with homes across the country all year round. Do take care not to keep your freesia and narcissi or daffodils in the same water as the narcissi release a chemical that is toxic to most flowers, including calla, red, and pink roses, but most notably the freesia flowers.

Order with Ease and Convenience

You can sit in the comfort of your home and order a flower from our online shop. You can contact via phone and email to connect to our customer care agents who will guide you through the ordering process and flower selection. If you want to present a freesia bouquet as a birthday or valentine’s gift, you can request us to deliver it together with a chocolate bar and other hampers. You only need to select your favorite flowers from our online shop and add them to the cart, provide the delivery address, and pay to have your bouquet delivered.
As the leading online florist in Singapore, we are always ready to deliver your favorite fresh freesia bouquets on your flexible time. With our reliable same-day flower delivery in Singapore, we can make urgent deliveries for occasions like a birthday or an anniversary that you’ve just remembered. They are also used as wedding bouquets. Our same-day flower delivery services are available to all corners of Singapore. Floral Beanie is ready to deliver your freesia bouquet anywhere in Singapore a day. Our 24-hour online flower shop is always open for you to order for flowers if you need an urgent flower delivery service.



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