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Beautifully Organized French Bouquet In Singapore By Floral Beanie

French bouquet, universally known as effortless beauty, is one of the few floral arrangements that need no introduction. Like other aspects of French culture, giving flowers and flower bouquet is done casually, but with style. This is the reason you will see a French bouquet a bit different from your standard floral arrangement. The beauty of the bouquet is how all the flowers are arranged. These flower bouquets deliver a strong message to people who receive them.

A French bouquet, especially, is the preferred choice for weddings in Singapore. They are beautifully crafted and arranged using fresh cut flowers from the fields. Floral Beanie in Singapore is known for delivering quality bouquets to people all across the nation. French flowers are all about attitude, and it takes years of experience and practice of choosing the right flowers and arranging them in a beautiful way to create something unique and elegant.


What Is The French Bouquet?

A French bouquet is not the name of a new flower species. It is just an exceptional way of arranging ‘already known’ flowers. French floral arrangements mostly include fleurs des champs (wild flowers) due to their appearance. They add a nice charm to the whole floral arrangement. Our Floral Beanie florists in Singapore know the right wild flowers that go well with different French bouquet designs.


How Floral Beanie Florists Create The Perfect French Bouquets?

For creating a French bouquet, we mostly prefer seasonal flowers that have a strong chromatic presence. Deep red dahlias are our preferred French flowers for the arrangement. We are always creative with the additives, depending on what we have available during the season. It may include stems of other blooms, some herbs, and wild flowers from the fields that look gorgeous and very French. To give a French feel, may add lemon oregano cosmos, Echinacea pods, and locust guess, among other entities of the flower world.    

What makes our bouquet best in Singapore is how we use fewer leaves to highlight the colorful flowers. Our florists ensure that long leaves and other debris are removed completely to make way for a more elegant shape. This not only increases the French bouquet’s lifespan but also enhances the true beauty of the flowers included.

Another factor that separates French floral arrangements from your traditional bouquets is the fact that we arrange the French flowers in a way to create an ‘X’ shape. This x-shape distinguishes French floral arrangements from other traditional floral arrangements.


Best French Bouquet Flower Delivery Service In Singapore

Floral Beanie is a renowned florist in Singapore who is delivering excellent flower delivery services for years. Creating something like a French bouquet requires exceptional skills. We are in this industry for several years now. We know what people are looking for when it comes to flower delivery. We create French flower bouquets depending on the season. That is, for every new season, you will find different arrangements of flowers. This is the beauty of the French bouquet.

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