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Unique Glamelia Bouquet and Floral Arrangements in Singapore by Floral Beanie

Glamelia flower bouquets (Also known as Malmaison Bouquet, Composite Bouquet, Rose Duchess Bouquet, Carmen Bouquet) are the perfect choice for floral wedding arrangements. When it comes to weddings, people are always looking for something unique, which can express their emotions. Glamelia floral arrangements are the choice of every wedding. Glamelia is not any flower species but is is composed of different flower petals and leaves to make it a unique arrangement.

Not everybody can make a Glamelia flower bouquet in Singapore. It requires certain skills and vast experience to create something like a Glamelia. At Floral Beanie, we are experts in designing designing and offering breathtaking flower bouquets in Singapore. We offer a variety of Glamelia floral arrangements for different occasions.

How Floral Beanie Florists make Glamelia Flower Bouquets?

Most people are often confused when they see a Glamelia floral arrangement. They consider Glamelia a type of flower species. However, the case Glamelia is that it is the art of composing a floral arrangement. To form a Glamelia flower bouquet, individual petals and leaves are plucked from the flowers and organized to create one giant bloom. The Glamelia bouquets, also known as the ‘composite’ bouquets, can be created using any number of flower types.

However, for Glamelia bouquets, we prefer flowers with thick, velvety-smooth petals. Glamelia bouquets using rose petals are our specialty. However, we also use orchids and lilies for creating such bouquets. The way the flower petals are arranged is the key to forming the most beautiful flower bouquet. It takes years of practice and a good knowledge of flowers before you can create a Glamelia.

Glamelia Floral Arrangements for Weddings

The fact that Glamelia flower bouquets offer a plethora of customization options makes it the top preference for wedding floral arrangements. The best part about such a bouquet is that you can top it with artificial pearls and rhinestones to make it stand out. This is the main reason why most of our customers in Singapore opt for a Glamelia bouquet as the wedding present. They are unique, sophisticated, and offers the beauty of different flowers in a single arrangement. There is nothing best than a Glamelia to express your deepest desires and emotions towards a loved one.   

We recommend choosing the simplest form of Glamelia bouquet since it looks the best and will last longer. Flowers with delicate petals will not last through an outdoor reception and wedding. Upon your request, we can use pearls or crystals in the center of the bouquet, or tuck beautiful feathers among the petals to make it look charming and captivating.

Beautifully Crafted Glamelia Floral Arrangements at Floral Beanie Singapore

If you are looking for quality flower bouquets as a wedding present, you can always count on us for offering the best floral arrangements. Be it Glamelia bouquets or any other bouquet, we can provide you with the flower bouquet of your choice. All you have to do is order your favorite blooms, and we will get it delivered at your doorstep or the address of your choice. We also provide same-day flower delivery services in Singapore.

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