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Celebrate Halloween in Goth Style with Gothic Bouquet by Floral Beanie Singapore

When we talk about the most beautiful floral arrangements, you cannot overshadow the fact that gothic flowers have their very own persona. Gothic flower bouquets are emerging as the most popular wedding bouquet in Singapore. As the name suggests, the flowers used for organizing gothic bouquet are mostly dark with a black shade and hue. These flowers are known for their vibrant dark colors. You can make a gothic flower bouquet any flower of the darker shade.

They come in a wide variety of dark colors, including shades of blackish-orange, blackish-red, blackish-purple, blackish-green, and totally black. Gothic floral arrangement is the specialty of Floral Beanie flower delivery. We use different flowers and blooms that are native to Singapore and other parts of the world for crafting the most vibrant and exquisite gothic flower bouquet.


Goths in Singapore – The Flowers

Singapore is one of the regions where gothic flowers are admired. From roses to Calla lilies, carnations, and lotus, among other blooms boast all the necessary character to be formed into a gothic flower bouquet. Floral Beanie’s gothic floral arrangement has a great significance with Chinese New Year and Halloween. Hence, our Gothic flower bouquets are a popular choice for Halloween parties, some goth-style weddings, and other occasions.

Gothic flowers have a unique symbolic meaning and allied emotions. The lush dark green leaves coupled with dark petals, this stylish bloom is the symbol of rebirth and freedom, and is something that emphasize exclusivity and utmost devotion in a relationship. It is no surprise that people in Singapore order gothic flower bouquets from Floral Beanie to express their love and emotions to their nearest and dearest ones.


Top-quality gothic flowers in Singapore by Floral Beanie

Gothic flowers are not natural. It requires experience and knowledge of flowers to create a masterpiece like gothic bouquet. For creating gothic floral arrangements, we mostly prefer roses in shades of white, red, maroon, and pink. We use freshly cut roses from the fields and dip their stems in high-quality black ink to give the petals that gothic feel. It is something that not everybody can do. On demand, we mix different flowers to create a more enthralling arrangement. From weddings to birthday parties or Halloween or any other theme party, our gothic floral arrangement fits perfect for these occasions.


Just in Time for Halloween

If you are looking for a Halloween-themed wedding, there is nothing that can make it more realistic than gothic flower bouquet. These floral arrangements give an evocative vibe for such weddings. If you love October’s decadent, rich bouquets, give our gothic floral arrangement a try.

When it comes to arranging gothic flowers, there is no one better than Floral Beanie Singapore. We provide top-quality gothic flower delivery service. Just order your favorite bunch of gothic floral arrangement and we will deliver it to your door step. We offer same-day flower delivery. Even if you are not around, just tell us the address and we will deliver the beautiful gothic flower bouquet with your note in it.

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