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To many people, buying flowers or gifts for a female recipient is quite easy. For men, on the other hand, sending flowers for his graduation might not seem quite as simple. There are some significant differences between flowers for men and flowers for women. That said, the bottom line is that your flower delivery has the same goal no matter the gender of the recipient – it is supposed to fill them with joy.


What Makes a Great Graduation Bouquet for Guys?

When choosing a graduation bouquet for guys to send to him; it’s important to consider two main aspects – color and style. While women are usually more inclined towards pastels and pinks, men appreciate more defined, bright colors. In other words, a bunch of light pink flowers would be great for a female recipient but, for men, you would be better off looking for bright orange, yellow, or even contrasting that bright yellow with some blue or dark purple.

It is from that you can order for the best graduation bouquet for guys. We offer a wide range of options in our flower galleries and it takes you a few minutes to check the flowers and choose one. We can also guide you to understand different types of flowers or flower arrangements so that you settle on the best graduation bouquet.

We take note of the shape of the flowers as well. A bouquet for a woman can consist of just about any flower. For men, we make bouquets with flowers that have more defined shapes. So, instead of the almost frilly appearance of a carnation, we consider an orchid, snapdragons, or even a lilies graduation bouquet for guys. You may find a blog discussing flowers but the best thing is visiting our website

Why Flowers?

Flowers are internationally recognized as a symbol of love. They are often used for different occasions may it be on a birthday, wedding, an anniversary, or a gift to a new baby. “Te Amo’’ may not be understood by everybody but by giving someone an amazing roses bouquet, you convey your message better than mere words. That is why a graduation bouquet is the best gift a student can receive. He/she appreciates a flower gift than opening any other gift box they may receive.

That said, if you want to do something really creative, you could use a straight-shaped vase and arrange some white carnations inside. This is just one way of giving your flower arrangement a more masculine theme. This is enough to tell him “congratulations.” You could also place the graduation bouquet for guys in other decorative items like a truck, BBQ, or golf ball-shaped vase. It all comes down to what you think he will enjoy the most based on his personal hobbies and interests.


We Deliver The Best Wherever You Are!

If your son’s or boyfriend’s graduation is nearing, ensure you deliver your care and love for him by handing him an elegant graduation bouquet for guys from The good thing about us is that we offer you same day delivery of any flowers you purchase from our online shop. We deliver to the doorstep no matter where your recipient is located within Singapore. All our prices are affordable and our flowers and bouquets are better priced than flowers from another florist.

We always deliver fresh flowers to deliver the intended message appropriately. Assume you wanted your loved one to enjoy the lovely smell in a certain flower and then a withering flower is delivered; it would lose the value of purchase. We deliver your wish by delivering bouquets made from freshly cut flowers.

To order for an amazing graduation bouquet for guys, visit the online shop on our website and select your favorite bouquet that will make him feel great. Add the bouquet or the flower to the cart and fill in the delivery address correctly for the convenience of your gift delivery. After making the payment direct to our bank account, you shall have your bouquet delivered immediately.

For enquiries concerning our products or delivery services, contact us on phone or email to have our customer care support team handle your issue free of charge. You can do all this at the convenience of your home.

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