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Gorgeous Iris Bouquets From Floral Beanie Mean a lot for Your Wedding Décor.

Are you getting married in a few months and looking for some inspiration in terms of iris bouquet for the big day? Well, we have the perfect solutions for you here at Floral Beanie. We offer same day flower delivery services to your doorstep.

Understanding Iris Flowers & Iris Bouquet

Iris flowers, which symbolize faith, courage, admiration, hope, and wisdom, are believed to be named after the ancient Greek Goddess Iris, who traveled along with rainbows between heaven and earth to deliver messages for the Gods. The middle age saw them as a symbol of French Monarchy (fleur-de-lis), the blossoms are also described in the Japanese culture as a “purple butterfly” and the “dancing spirit of early summer”.
The word Iris itself is taken from a Greek word that translates to a rainbow. The flowers are a pure delight to watch in all sorts of wedding decor and flower arrangements, and that too irrespective of the theme, color palette, style, season, or even the venue of the event. They are not just famous for weddings but are also quite popularly featured in other events such as; anniversaries, baby showers, mother’s day celebrations, and a few others. They can also be presented as sympathy flowers. For a birthday, it is perfect when combined with gourmet or a chocolate bar.
The irresistible beauty and the strikingly bright and beautiful colors with yellow throats make them quite a spectacle in all sorts of wedding flower arrangements right from the wedding bouquets to centerpieces. The flowers come in a variety of shades, but the most popular ones include; soft blue, purple, yellow, and white.

Iris Bouquet Wedding Ideas

1. The Wedding Bouquets

Rich meanings, bright colors, and unique shapes; the flowers have the perfect ingredients for the best Iris bouquet for the big day. As you might have heard, the flowers are available naturally in blue shades, and just in case, if you always wanted those blue wedding bouquets to spring some magic for the ceremony; they could perfectly fit the bill. There are not many natural blue wedding accents in the wedding circles, and this makes them quite a revelation for people looking for something ‘blue.’
For instance, Floral Beanie can arrange some pale iris, delphiniums, lily of the valley, and hydrangeas to make a perfect hand bouquet for your special day.

2. The Centerpieces

An iris bouquet could also be used to capture the imagination of the audience as centerpieces. Whether you decide to use the brightly lit petals in standalone arrangements or combine them with many other wedding plants, they never fail to impress in terms of making eye-catching and beautiful wedding centerpieces. For instance, use the cherry yellow iris stems in tall and slim glass vases to make a perfect statement for your wedding reception for making an ideal statement for the big day. Consider using navy table linens as a base for the whole arrangement for maximum effect.

3. The Boutonnieres

Your search for something strikingly beautiful and sophisticated in terms of lapel decor arrangements could easily end when you see iris. The flowers do accentuate the special day look quite easily, and you could use a single and captivating iris bloom with coral roses and a few greens to serve the purpose.
New Iris bouquet designs are available throughout the year on our online shop to help couples welcome their guests through gorgeous and scintillating wedding flower arrangements. They could perfectly hold their own as standalone arrangements and even be combined with various other famed wedding accents for the big day decor. The flowers look perfect with cake decorations, wedding stationery, and various other wedding decor details for the reception and the ceremony.
At Floral Beanie we care a lot about your tight schedules and convenience. That is why we developed a website with an online shop where you can order an iris bouquet wherever you are. You only need to select an amazing bouquet among the many we have, add it to the cart and fill in the address details of the recipient.
You can also include a sweet message to be displayed on your flower gifts. We shall deliver your iris bouquet immediately you make the payment. We make same day delivery to the recipient’s home wherever they are in Singapore to ensure we deliver the smile at their doorstep. Conveniently contact us on phone or email and have your gift delivered.



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