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Marigold Is A Flower For Many Occasions

Fall has arrived. We create all kinds of flower presentation, including marigold, making gracefully wrapped marigold bouquets and delivering to a place of your preference. Apart from marigold flowers, we have expertise in arranging vast floral designs for birthdays, weddings, family gatherings funerals, anniversaries, Thanksgiving Day celebrations, and all other Autumn occasions.

Marigold is called the blossom of dead. October-birth-flower symbolizes the grief over the demise of beloved and remembering and celebrating the deceased. At the time of grief, we offer you our carefully picked collection of attractive marigold funeral flowers.

Send Get Well soon wishes for your ail family or friend sending soothing yellow marigold bouquet. If you are tapped in love triangles, show your strong passion and jealousy while sending a marigold bouquet. As a symbol of joy, celebrate and endorse your relationship and promote it through sending marigold flowers to the recipient.

Widely known as ‘Herb of the Sun ‘, marigold flowers are used for sacred ceremonies throughout the world. In South East Asia, annual herbaceous plant flower is used in Buddhist and Hindus worship rituals. Add flavor to Diwali this year with our masterly designed marigold flowers arrangements.

Season And Available Colors Of Marigold Bouquet

Among 50-plus species of marigolds, we offer varieties including African or American Marigolds (Tagetes erecta ), French Marigolds (Tagetes patula ), Signet Marigolds (T . signets ‘pumila’) and Mule Marigolds. Our honest and sincere farmers grow one of the finest breeds of marigold flowers in Singapore on highly fertile soil. We have diversity of marigold flower colors available at our easy-to-find shop in Singapore. Though yellow and orange are most common Marigold, we do to offer some striking golden, white and red colors.

Marigold (Calendula) has cosmetic remedy properties. It is used for the skin treatment herb. It is an insect-repelling plant. Marigold emits a smell that keeps mosquitoes, small bugs, whiteflies, and tomato hornworms away.

Native Source Of Marigold

As per historical evidence, in 1500s Aztec people used marigolds for religious, magical and medicinal purposes. Later they were introduced to Europe, Africa and Asian gardens. In 20th century, gardeners developed many new marigold breeds. Named as “Mary’s gold”, this sacred plant flower is popular all over the world, from Singapore to United States and from London to Melbourne. Marigold is extensively used for garden decoration, making garlands, suitable for hanging baskets, religious, social functions with wide cultural acceptability.

We Offer You Same-Day, Online Floral Delivery With Freshness

We are reliable, responsible and trustworthy floral experts delivering the freshest marigold flowers in Singapore at your location choice. Before wrapping in elegant style Marigold bouquets, garlands, we assemble the finest flower from farms in Singapore. We keep flower freshness alive to drop at your requested address.

You can always avail our around the clock online service and send elegant marigold flowers to your Dear ones same-day, next-day flowers or any future date delivery. Our flower delivery team also encourages you to take the decision on placing the last-minute orders. We have team of experts that deliver you hand floral delivery of beautiful and ultra fresh blossoms.

Follow our web portal and contact us through email or phone, for diversity of marigold services including blossom delivery, marigold bouquet delivery, garland delivery, plant delivery or any floral delivery you are looking for. Follow our social media platform including, Instagram, Facebook , Twitter and others for a reliable marigold delivery .



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