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Mimosa Bouquet is a Flower For Many Occasions

Mimosa bouquet is the symbol of security, reuniting, deep feelings, and intrigue. The yellow colored flower represents the sun. For symbolism yellow mimosa is most used flowers. Also Mimosa Pudica plant has pink and silky flowers.


Season and Available Colors of Mimosa Bouquet

Impress your beloved with our vibrant and elegant mimosa bouquets. Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin), silk tree or Persian silk tree produces deep pink to flesh-pink to red to white flowers . Exceptional bright gold yellow mimosa flowers to make winter season more beautiful. With winter approaching, send our astonishing mimosa bouquets your near-and-dear ones.


Mimosa Pudica as A Symbol For Feminism Struggle

Traditionally mimosa bouquet or flower became the worldwide symbol for International Women’s Day after World War II. Tradition started in 1946 in Italy, when locals presented women yellow puffy mimosa flowers as a gift and a sign of respect and support following a feminism struggle. Thereafter as a regular custom, now every year in Rome, on International Women’s day, locally called la Festa dels doona, people including men and women present big fluffy yellow bouquets.


‘Touch Me Not ‘ Plant

Mimosa pudica, a perennial herb is also known as the ‘touch me not ‘ or ‘tickle me ‘ for its fascinating behavior. The sensitive plant undergoes structural change closing its leaves or folding its leaves inwards when contacted. The plants with such behavior are known as humble or shame plant.


Native Source Of Mimosa

Mimosa pudica is native to United States in Central and South parts. However it is now found in bulk Asian countries including Singapore , Hong Kong , Unit Arab Emirates , South Africa and Sri Lanka . This herbaceous plant is mostly found in plantation crops , green pastures , parks and along roadsides .


Herbal Use Of Mimosa Pudica

Scientifically it is proved that Mimosa Pudica Plant has health benefits. It is used in the treating the leprosy , fatigue and blood diseases , heals cuts and wounds , cures piles and hemorrhoids , cures asthma , helpful for treating hair loss , for treating snake venom , helps in diabetes , treats indigestion and diarrhea and helpful in itching .


How To Grow Mimosa Pudica At Your Home

The Mimosa Pudica plant is good choice as a nice house plant. It is easy to grow a place accessing sunlight. It grows in most well-drained soil. Soak the seeds in water for 24 hours. Once you plant the seeds, water the soil to make it slightly moist . Protect the new plants against cold. It is recommended to keeping the plant at the place which have nighttime temperatures at around 21 C 70 F or higher. On average seeds take 2 to 4 weeks to sprout in humid climate.


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