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Traditional yet attractive-Mint Bouquets

Well, when the idea of bouquet comes to your mind, the first thing which you are likely to find relatable are flowers, lots of colourful blooms. Flowers of various kinds, sizes and colours are used in bouquets to design the most perfect floral arrangement depending on the occasion. Many of us would not find the idea of using herbs like rosemary, sage, mint or thyme in bouquets quite relatable. It is because these herbs are closely associated with cooking.  However, in some cultures, herbs are also a considered as an important part of bouquets.


Symbolic and Traditional Beliefs

It may seem quite different but as per traditions, the bridal bouquet carried all these herbs along with some fancy wildflowers. As per ancient traditions, the brides were to carry herbs down the aisle instead of wedding flowers. Carrying herbs and other such aromatic plants represented several symbolic and superstition related aspects. With changing choices and preferences of the people, the tradition got slightly changed, the herbs got replaced with an exotic range of flowers.

Although no one believes in warding off the evil spirits and other such compelling reasons, there are many related reasons for which you should consider a flower and mint bouquet. There are a few reputed online florists in Singapore like Floral Beanie who provide lovely thyme and mint bouquet options. These herbs are paired up with some fancy wildflowers and thistles to give that perfect rustic and vintage look with additional benefits.


Make Your Bouquets Rustically Beautiful

The florists normally use some commonly available herbs like lavender, mint, sage, eucalyptus, thyme, etc. along with some white or pale coloured flowers to prepare the most unique bouquet in the range. Each kind of herb symbolizes a particular aspect. Where one owns incredibly beautiful smell, the other serves as an excellent insect repellent or unparalleled brightness. Whatever be it, the use of herbs in bouquets creates a very innovative solution which appeals to our senses.

Lavender is one of the most commonly accepted herb in this range. They are a symbol of love, protection, and happiness. No matter if it is fresh or wilted, the beautiful smell of lavender is quite refreshing. Moreover, the unusual combination of green and other soft shades put up that perfect rustic approach. You can present your loved ones with a beautiful combination of flower and herb bouquet from FloralBeanie and greet them.

The next commonly opted herb is Mint. Just like Mint brings in brightness and a new flavour to drinks, it is believed that it adds up sparkle in the recipient’s life. Mint has a very refreshing smell with a vivid look. Bright green in appearance, these herbs are generally paired up with small flowers to make a traditional mint bouquet. You can easily place an order for these bouquets and present it to your loved ones who you want to show your protection and care. 


A Perfect Herbal Mix For Every Occasion

Are you thinking to present your dear one with an elegant and versatile herb-flower bouquet? Well, you have plenty of options available at Floral Beanie. If you are unable to choose any one of them, you can easily get a herb mix. This bouquet constitutes herbs of various textures and style creating a most stunning and exceptional fragrance.

Our florists skillfully arrange fresh herbs flowers as per your demand to create the most attractive mint bouquet. We come with a great range of options from which you can easily choose for the right one and get it delivered home.


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