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Need Something Radiant for Your Space?

Everyone likes a bit of a unique touch when it comes to freshening up their homes, and Ranunculus Bouquet is exactly that! With its layers and layers of silky petals and assorted colors, the ranunculus is the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen counter or coffee table. We all want our flowers to show off their radiant personalities, and we are sure that these spring blooms will have any stray admirer want their very own batch to show off.

Ranunculus Bouquet: The Sophisticated Bouquet

The Buttercup family gives us a window back in time. None of today’s species were around 100 million years ago, but the Buttercups and other primitive groups like the Magnolias have retained the most ancestral characteristics over time. Affectionately called the “Rose of Spring,” ranunculus feature cascades of soft petals in the full range of colors.

Ranunculus flowers have layers of petals that have the texture of poppy petals and are tightly packed together to create beautiful flower heads six to 10 cm in diameter. They are great cut flowers and come in vibrant colours that are simply incredible, from pure white through peach, yellow, pink, orange, red and burgundy, plus many gorgeous bi-colors.

The ranunculus genus is a large and diverse group of flowers that includes designer blooms with crepe petals, cold hardy specimens, and even aquatic plants for the water garden. Known as buttercup, certain ranunculus species are found at alpine regions while others are grown for their ethereal beauty.

Often called Persian buttercup, it is officially named Ranunculus asiaticus, and is native to the Far East. Ranunculus have cup-like blossoms with a multitude of paper-thin petals. They have the same lush, romantic appeal as peonies, but the color choices are simply incredible, Ranunculus flower sizes range from 2” to 5” across and the long stems are ideal for cutting. If the flowers are cut before they are fully open, they last for 10 to 12 days in a vase.

They are a sophisticated and elegant flowers that are suitable to be used in modern designs, which this bouquet does exceptionally. A rainbow of multi-coloured blooms will make you feel as if spring is here. These long-lasting flowers with delicate petals will be a pure enjoyment to the people around you.

Buttercup: Ranunculus Bouquet Singapore

Best of all, ranunculus flowers are especially great for gifting; whether you are congratulating friends for powering through an important milestone, sending them your sincere love, or just letting them know that they are in your thoughts, your recipient is sure to feel the love when they find a fresh ranunculus arrangement on their doorstep. Your bouquet will be hand-picked by our experienced and passionate florist.

These beautiful flowers are the perfect flowers to use for your special occasions as a hand bouquet, bridal bouquet, Mother’s Day bouquet or even as a flower arrangement all year round. Don’t wait to impress – shop from our ranunculus collection today!



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