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Roselily Bouquet: Best of Both Worlds

Roselily Bouquet is the gorgeous blend of exceptional bloom of flower which has more than one petal showing an appearance as two or three lilies that are stacked together. This flower has been gaining its popularity for its prominent characteristics. Besides being pollen free, it is also phenomenally fragrant as well as being long-lasting. The beauty of Roselily (Double-flowered Lily) combined with the sweet smell comes without worrying about the stains or allergies.

Roselily, due to its unique natural appearance has been revered from the early time of the Greeks and was believed to have originated from the milk of Hera, the Queen of the Gods. There are a variety of colours but popularly as white and pink. The colour white symbolizes virtue and purity while the colour pink signifies wealth and prosperity. Its blend of multiple petal; which has given it the title of Roselily, symbolizes the everlasting symbol of love and elegance, classically. Rose itself has been considered and regarded as the foremost well appreciated flower globally.

Hand-picked By Experienced Florist And Meaningful Gift For Every Occasion

Happiness is immeasurable and its abundance with Roselily as a gift or a gesture is magnified. This gorgeous pastel floral bouquet is the apt centre-piece gift to show how much you appreciate a person. As this bouquet symbolizes devotion and humility, class and grace, this bouquet will impress everyone, be it for their birthday, Valentine’s Day and anniversary gift.

We are proud to be working with experienced florists that are passionate about the quality of a bouquet and being eco-friendly. These are a perfect bunch of beauties to impress the people you love.

Customized Premium Quality Flowers At A Reasonable Price

With a variety of colours available to choose, you can mix and match to your preferences or just let us decide for you at a very reasonable price. This bouquet may last in a vase for up to 12 days. The buds will open progressively with a long-lasting scent.

Here’s what’s terrific concerning flowers: they only occupy a vase for a brief span of time, however they create a long-lived impression upon the recipient and create a long-lasting memory. No gift brings out a heart-lifting joy, earnest nostalgia, and memorable surprise quite like the flowers do.

Just A Click Away To Your Sophisticated Roselily Bouquet

Simply log onto our website Floral Beanie, order a beautiful roselily bouquet of your choice. They are the perfect gift to celebrate a birthday, a wedding anniversary or simply to make someone smile at a reasonable price. Each of our bouquet can be customized to be arranged with multiple colours while still making any area of the home or office looking lively. The lilies will be delivered in bud so that your recipient can enjoy them for a longer period and enjoy watching their natural beauty to be revealed. Besides that, our bouquets are handpicked from the freshest and finest flowers available.



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