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Statice Bouquet: A Universal Flower Bouquet

Statice flower, commonly referred to as the Caspia is known for its symbolic meaning of success and remembrance as part of the emotional gesture to the recipient. With their origin from the historical Asia and Europe, its name refers to the meadows in the ancient Greek.

Its pleasant look with gentle and plumes resembling the feathers in commonly found in colors of red, white, pink, blue, purple and yellow will be a meaningful gesture to bring smiles and comfort to the loved one. It has a strong musky smell for the size of its petals which makes it ideal for not just confined space arrangements but also suitable to make the atmosphere pleasant out in the open.

Statice bouquet are commonly in leafless stems, winged in its own distinct feature of dull green color with spikelet and several small flower arrays uniformly arranged. Even though they originated from the meadows of Asia and Europe but are commonly found in North African region now due to its nature of warmth and comfort over the occasion it represents.


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Flowers show a sense of emotional symbolism and can comfort the recipient in a much larger proportion than we can anticipate. Statice bouquet, as it symbolizes remembrance and as well as success, it is a flower that can comfort the loved one in many different aspects.

In times of grief, Statice flower can show the respect and sympathy, and in times of success and reunion, statice will be an apt choice as well. You can never go wrong with symbolic nature of Statice as it can cater to both happiness and moments of grief.

With creative mindset in the art of decorating a flower bouquet, our florists are wholeheartedly working to provide the best possible options and arranging the right colour combination of statice flower best suited for the moments.


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Due to its nature of catering to both happy and grieving moments and a number of variations in colours, Statice can be arranged according to the occasion and due to their small sized petals they are often mixed with other flowers for a complete look.

The arrangement of statice flower is a beautiful gesture, even though its small in size but it has the capacity to make a big difference when used in a flower bouquet. Its symbolism is very tricky but combining it with the right flowers suited for the occasion it can leave a lasting impression and the right kind of message.


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If you are missing a loved one in your family or a family, this flower bouquet will be the perfect idea to let them you are thinking about and want to see them happy or during the time of grief it can also leave a lasting impression to show sympathy and support. If you are unsure of handpicking the right combination to be used with this flower as per your occasion, log on to our website and let us assist you in the most reasonable cost.


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