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Stephanotis Bouquet: Flower of Union

Stephanotis, often referred to as the Madagascar Jasmine is a flower that is mainly associated with the union of wedding. It is commonly used as a positivity and longing of life in weddings as a bridal bouquet due to its pure white and waxy flowers in cylindrical shape that are blossomed in bunch and takes the shape of stars.

Once the petals are open, they have a strong beautiful scent that is impossible to resist, and the combination of pure white petals and its deep green leaves are hard not to admire. Stehanotis is derived from a Greek word that gives a meaning“crown” and the “bliss of marriage”. Due to the positive nature and pleasant existence of this flower, it can be used as an indoor house plant to beautify your living space with its beautiful and pleasant fragrance; which can be arranged as you prefer.

Stephanotis was first observed in the African Island of Madagascar and later they were found in the Asian regions of China and Japan and in the Latin American Region of Cuba; signifying its diverse historical presence in different parts of the world as a flower decorating the bridal figures. 


The Right Flower For The Right Occasion

Flowers in their right domain, symbolize emotions and can convey a deep sense of message that verily, words may refuse to do justice. Symbolizing the happiness of marriage, a long-lasting relationship, Stephanotis bouquet also represent good fortune to the concealer of this bouquet. Its luxurious fragrance has earned it a name as a perfumed flower; making it a wonderful gift for your partner. The right arrangement of this flower bouquet can make a huge difference and an everlasting gesture.

Our experienced florists have the capability of turning the ever-loving Stephanotis flowers into a wonder that cannot go unnoticed with the arrangements of bouquet in the most fashionable manner. Stephanotis bouquet, in its pure white colour, emphasizing a pleasant look and its fragrant blooms are always a perfect gift for either the occasion or just a loving gesture as well.


Confused? Let us Help you out.

The bridal flower, Stephanotis is a crown of its own, hence, it is always linked with the most beautiful of occasion in a persons’ life, marriage. The universal colour of white and green can be accommodated with any flower to make it look more volumetric best suited with the theme and the environment.

The arrangement into a bouquet can be done at your request and desire or you can rely on our expert opinion, and our florists will provide their creative insight keeping your budget into mind. The advantage of this flower is as such that it can be arranged indoors in a way where it can grow at its will, producing a wild flower bed.


Just a Few Clicks to your Desired Choice Of Stephanotis Bouquet

As a bridal bouquet, Stephanotis bouquet is a prime a selection in almost every culture and region as it portrays longevity and happiness. Arranged inside homes, its luxurious beauty and fragrance makes the environment more pleasant. Want us to help you in selecting a beautiful bouquet for your event or your living space? Log on to our website in just a few clicks and our experienced florists will help you for this marvel of beauty and elegance.  

Stephanotis bouquet is a universally acclaimed luxurious flower bouquet that symbolizes positivity, happiness and longevity has been commonly used as a wedding bouquet. Its vibrant colours including white and green, paired with is fragrance have given it a place as one of the most adored flowers. Please contact us for same day delivery across Singapore.

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