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Sweet Pea Bouquet: Flower From The Desert

Sweet pea flower, botanically known as the Lathyrusodoratus is a plant of the Mediterranean origin which is known for its sweet fragrance and bushy blooms. It is found in several colors and due to its distinct beauty, it is well deserving of the attention it truly deserves. The name is deriving from the Greek origin denoting it as the pulse fragrance. It symbolizes several positive aspects such as the delicate and blissful pleasure, a gesture of good bye or a lovely time spent with a special person.

Denoting the its symbolic nature, the Sweet Pea bouquet and flower itself thrives in cool and mild climates and enjoy a long blooming season with its fragrance spread in the surrounding. They have long stems and circular curved petals that are mostly found in combination of red, maroon, purple and white; and in some cases, peach and yellow. Mainly found in the region of Asia and Europe, they have been the prime choice of gifts as a sign of pure gesture for the loved ones and counter parts.


Sweet Pea Bouquet Is Perfect For Your Space

As this flower symbolizes delicate pleasure and affection, it is considered as one of the most sought out choices for people choosing to surprise their loved ones as a birthday, valentines or a wedding anniversary gift. Decorating these flowers in your living space can bring life to the environment, with its sweet and delicate aroma and the pleasant colours it exhibits; often brings smiles and a sense of closure to your loved one.

Even though, these flowers are well sought, and their bouquet can be very tricky. The aroma and its colours are something that would needs its individual attention for the concealer, this makes it a tough job to mix and match it with other flowers either of the same colour combination or of dark vibrant shade.


Let Us Help You Decide

Sweet Pea bouquet symbolizing a close relationship of blissful and delicate pleasure, this bouquet can be considered as a sign of showing affection and farewells. A perfect combination of sweet peas with other vibrant arrangement can make this bouquet a one of a kind for the recipient to show your love and care. Even though, this flower can survive up to a week only but the long-lasting effect of its nostalgic beauty and fragrance can leave a memory of a lifetime.

You can choose your own arrangement for this bouquet with its variety of colours available according to your preference to gift your loved one or let us help you in combining it with different flowers symbolising a much stronger context and meaning.


Few clicks to the Perfect Choice

Our experienced and creative florists can help you decide a perfectly well-balanced sweet pea bouquet that will be adored and appreciated by your loved one. Each of the stem is carefully chosen fresh from the bunch as per your requirement and arranged in the most unique fashion that is hard to be ignored.

Be it a birthday, an occasion or you just want to surprise your loved one with a wonderful bouquet, nothing would be better than a bunch Sweet pea flowers arranged as per your preference. Mix and match them or let them be on their own, its up to you. Orders can be delivered on the same day across Singapore. 

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