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Like gallantry Sweet Wiliiam Bouquet? Sweet William is a popular ornamental flower, used widely in the modern flower market for bouquets as it brings along the perfect vintage flavour. These flowers have a tall and vivid green stem with bright coloured fringed petals blooming especially during the Spring. The colour pattern of these flowers are not solid, they have a patchwork of colour shades like ruby, fuchsia or white. Known for its unique fragrance, these flowers can be the best choice for bouquets in late spring to brighten up your living room with its beauty and aroma. 

These flowers are native to the southern part of Europe and have been used widely due to its colourful look and scent even in the olden days. There are different types of Dianthus available in the market which include both perennial as well the biennial species. Blooming in clusters, on an average these plants generally grown up to height ranging between 7-18 inches. These flowers bloom especially during the spring season in a variety of hues, namely, white, pink, red, purple, scarlet, violet and crimson in variegated pattern. In some parts of the world, these flowers are even used as flavouring agents due to its strong scent. 


Sweet William Bouquet- the most ideal choice to opt for

Having a diameter of two to three centimetres, the flower, Sweet William contains five petals having serrated edges. Remarkable colour contrasts are available in the flowers of this species. Red flowers having a white base are the most commonly used flowers for making eye-catchy and attractive bunches. Other varieties, owning colour shades like white, pink, purple, available in variegated patterns, are also used in the preparation of exotic flower bouquets which you can gift your loved ones.

These vibrant flowers with a smooth and attractive fragrance are considered as the most appropriate choice for the decoration bid the garden wall, a rock garden or simply, bordering the garden premises. Growing in clusters, there are two varieties of Dianthus Barbatus, namely, the Dianthus Barbatus and the Dianthus Asiaticus. The leaves of the first kind have a broad outlook and are commonly available on Southern Europe while the leaves of the latter variety owns slender leaf structure, found extensively in the North-Eastern Asia. 


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Well, are you are running out of options to get the best kind of flower bouquet for your loved one? Our company is here to assist you to get hold of the beautiful hand bouquets, ensuring that the beauty and the scent of Sweet Williams carry your message and best wishes to your loved one on special occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversaries, etc.  

Floral Beanie has all the required options which can help you to get the most magnificent bouquet using these seasonal flowers. We assure providing exclusive experience in every corner of Singapore with our free shipping options. Highly professional florists work on the design of these flower bouquets, investing their endless ideas and creativity to deliver the most fresh and ravishing floral bouquets within the stipulated time.

We work with a clear aim of helping you to create the best memories. Focusing on the element of customer satisfaction, we look forward to providing you with the most perfect arrangement having a wide range of colours and shapes. 

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