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Thistles- The Perfect Flower To Add Up Beauty To Floral Arrangements

With the name Thistle, the first word which immediately strikes in our mind is texture. It is because Thistles play a very major role in providing the perfect texture to the flower arrangements. Due to its unique design, these flowers are used widely in adding up beauty to flower arrangements. It an extraordinary looking flower which has a typical spiky texture across the stem, in the leaf region. Owning a snowflake-shaped bloom with a sharp conical centre, the Thistle flower is often considered as the most perfect wildflower.

The flower, Thistle, owns several laterals, each of which bearing two to five bloom on each stem. The size of the bloom, within a single lateral, may greatly vary between one to three inches. Smaller blooms are also present on some laterals. However, instead of discarding these smaller blooms, the florists of utilize them for preparing cute boutonnieres. The florists work skilfully to avoid wastage of these exotic flowers. They handle the flowers gently to prepare the most basic yet attractive arrangement of Thistle flowers.


Thistles Bouquet: A Great Choice Of Flower For Every Occasion

Perfectly designed Thistle bouquets are considered as the most amazing choice for both indoors as well as outdoor occasions. It is because these flowers are very hardy and if taken proper care, can stay fresh for a few days. Moreover, its exceptional texture adds up a rustic approach to the event decor. Although these flowers give a typical wildflower vibe, they can be used in all types of arrangements, irrespective of theme.

The flower, Thistle, can add up a strong texture and depth to the flower bouquets. In other words, these flowers are amazing fillers. At Floral Beanie, we provide a great range of colour options to its customers. We offer both natural as well as tinted Thistle bouquets at an affordable price. Our skilled florists pair these wildflowers with other vibrant and dynamic flowers like rose, dahlia, to create beautiful bouquets for different occasions like anniversaries, sympathy, and other such special events.


Tips to keep Thistles Bouquet Fresh For A Longer Time

Well, on an average note, the Thistle flowers can last for about eight days, if taken proper care. On the arrival of the Thistle Bouquets, you need to follow several instructions if you want your Thistle arrangement to look more beautiful than ever. It is recommended to always use a clean and disinfected bucket or vase for storing the flowers. You need to fill about four inches of clear and cool water in the vase before setting up the flowers.

In cases of special events and occasions, the expert florists from Floral Beanie lay special emphasis on the use of flower foods. Using these flower food helps to restore the freshness of the flower for a longer period. However, the water needs to be prepared by adding the flower food as per the directions. Once the vase and baskets are ready, you need to separate the flowers from the bunch and with the help of professional stylists arrange the Thistle flowers in the most stunning and beautiful arrangements.


Convenient Options to Get Thistle Bouquets At Home

Thistles are mostly available in sober colour shades which make it an ideal match for vibrant and bright coloured flowers. Our company, Floral Beanie, provides fresh and ravishing floral arrangements with Thistles to suit your requirements. The delivery options and the privacy policy of our company are highly flexible which allows the customers to easily seek for florist service in Singapore. You can order a Thistle Bouquets at and get it delivered to any corner of Singapore within the stipulated time without any compromise on the quality.

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