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Tiger lily Bouquets To Send Personalized Wishes To Your Dear Ones

Lilies are one of those highly demanded flowers on the world which is found extensively in parts of North America, Asia, Europe, and even Australia.  Cultivated all over the world, these flowers are most commonly used at weddings all over the world. It is because these tiger lily bouquet and arrangements can be the most amazing choice for your wedding theme.

However, there are many other factors which make these flowers stand out of the crowd and look extraordinarily perfect. Thinking what are the facts which make it interesting and favourite? Well, experts from are here to share some exclusive facts about the different varieties of lily and their symbolic importance.


Tiger Lilies- They Thrive In The Wild

Lilies are perennial flowers that grow in nature easily, without demanding for too much human intervention. These flowers bloom especially during the spring and summer season. However, if you want to order Tiger Lily bouquets in winters, is up at your service. It provides stunning floral arrangements using Tiger Lilies all round the year at an affordable rate. These flowers are extremely resourceful and owns the ability to develop from its bulb as well as seeds.

It does not require human intervention like other delicate flowers. Growing at an average height ranging between two to six feet, lilies are available in a wide range of species. These flowers were known for their bright colours and large petals. Some of the common colours of lilies which serve as amazing choice for bouquets are white, yellow, red, pink, orange, and purple. These flowers are skilfully arranged by experienced florists for various occasions like anniversaries, funeral, wedding, etc. Some lilies like Tiger Lily even have freckles; brown spots on orange petals.


Keep Them At Home

Lilies have the longest life span in case, compared to all other types of domestic flowers. If cut properly, neither the delicate petals of tiger lily loses its texture nor its sweet lily smell.

So, if you are looking forward to investing in lily for decorating indoors, it is recommended to seek service from reputable florists like Floral Beanie. They assure providing fresh flowers from farms, nicely cut from the stem so that you can keep the blooms for a longer time.


Element of Symbolism

Giving away an Adam lily or tiger lily bouquet to your loved one can be a great idea to wish them luck, confidence, and success. Lilies are available in a wide range of colours where each colour represents a different symbol. Where white lilies symbolize purity, the orange ones are a mark of confidence and pride and the pink stargazers represent wealth. In many cultures, Lilies are considered as the traditional symbol representing good luck, fortune, motherhood and devotion.

Owning an extremely elegant and classy visual appeal, these flowers have over 100 species, differing in terms of shape and colours. Presenting someone with tiger lily bouquet paired up by experienced florists with an exotic range of products and accessories is a great idea. These stunning flowers can be given away on occasions like farewell, baby showers, a casual get together and even weddings.

If you are interested in placing an order for a perfectly designed Tiger Lily bouquet in Singapore, you can visit We promise our customers to provide fresh and gorgeous flowers under easy return and shipping policies. Although lilies are seasonal flowers, we try to get hold of perfectly bloomed ones even in off-seasons to serve you the best.

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