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All You Need to Know about Victorian Theme Weddings and How to Buy Victorian Bouquets Online

Are you looking for a classic and elegant theme for your upcoming wedding, consider a Victorian theme. The Victorians were crazy for love and romance, and many of our current wedding traditions spring from that era. At, we deliver the best Victorian bouquets to make your wedding or that special function as colorful as you wish.

You need a perfect location

To achieve the best wedding experience with your loved ones, begin by choosing the perfect location. A historic Victorian mansion would be ideal. You could have the cocktail hour on the lawn, dinner in a formal dining room, and your guests could relax on the wide porch. If there is no Victorian mansion in your area, a formal garden could make a wonderful setting with a Victorian Bouquet decoration. As a bonus, garden weddings are naturally beautiful, whether you prefer to do a little decorating or a lot.

Range of options!

Elaborate floral arrangements will be the centerpiece of a Victorian theme wedding. Tall vases or urns with a Victorian Bouquet in shades of pink, purple, and white will be beautiful. Be sure to consult the Floral Beanie when selecting your wedding blossoms. Most of us know that red roses symbolize passion, but there is a special meaning behind every type of flower, and it varies by color.

A couple of good options are white lilies, which stand for purity, white lily-of-the-valley; this represents sweetness, and ivy for fidelity. On the other hand, you may find that some favorite wedding flowers are not so great according to the Victorian language of flowers, such as hydrangeas, which represent frigidity and heartlessness. For an authentic touch, use a silver tussie-mussie holder for the bridal Victorian bouquet.

A cake is Important to Have it Complete

Victorians loved their wedding cakes just as we do today. It was considered bad luck for the bride to bake her cake, so be sure to hire a baker. A white butter cream frosted cake with several tiers would be ideal. Avoid fondant, which will look too contemporary. For an amusing Victorian touch, use silver cake charms, which are tiny silver charms tied to ribbons.

They are placed under the bottom layer of the cake, and each bridesmaid gets to pull a ribbon to find her charm. The charms stand for certain things, such as the wedding ring charm, which means the woman who finds it will be the next to marry (much like catching the Victorian bouquet). It is a sweet tradition, and worth including in any Victorian-inspired wedding.

We Conveniently Deliver Your Victorian Bouquet

Here at Floral Beanie, we are there to ensure we never frustrate you when it comes to perfecting your occasion decoration. Whether it’s an anniversary, your child’s birthday, or a wedding, we sell you the best flower bouquets and deliver them to your doorstep.

Ordering for a new Victorian bouquet or any other flower bouquet on our website is easy and convenient. You will do it as you watch a movie while in the house or as you bask in the sun. all you need to do is visit our online shop at Floral Beanie’s Shop and select a bouquet of your wish. You are then required to add the bouquet to the cart and enter the address of the person you want to send the flower gift. The other thing you should do is to make a payment direct to our bank account and have your Victorian bouquet delivered.

The best thing about our flower delivery services is that we cover all areas in the country unlike some florists who only deliver to specific cities and towns. We deliver our bouquets to the doorstep of the recipients despite their location provided they reside in Singapore. We also make same day delivery for all orders made by our clients. Our terms of delivery are customer friendly while our privacy policy highly protects your personal information.

Our customer care service is available 24/7 to handle your queries. You are free to contact us any time by phone or by email.



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