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Wildflower Bouquet: A Perfect Natural Blend With A Rustic Approach

Roses, Tulips, and Orchids are the most beautiful and usual floral combination for various occasions like wedding and reception parties. These flowers, no doubt look exceptionally stunning and attractive. They are available in a wide range of variety having distinct sweet smell. But are searching for something different? Well, if you are interested in breaking the monotony of using these flowers for your wedding event, you can connect with Floral Beanie. You can get hold of a unique opportunity of utilizing the natural beauty of wildflowers.

 You can incorporate the true Bohemian flavour of decoration by opting for wildflower in your special day. Opting for wildflowers help in showing off your wild side and expressing your real style. Unlike other flowers which act as a mark of grace, wildflowers put in the real essence of natural and rustic approach. The florists at FloralBeanie offer a huge variety of arrangement combinations. In short, these professionals play with the flowers of varied colours and shapes and combine them to form a perfect fit.


The true picture of nature

In a wildflower bouquet, you would find a combination of commonly found natural flowers like SweetPea, Craspedia, Peony, Nigella, Astrantia, etc. All these flowers are quite different from each other on the basis of its height, texture, colour and style. However, all these variables are taken up together to form the most extraordinary and inspiring bouquet.

During the summers and spring, you can easily get hold of beautiful and attractive flowers. However, if you are looking out for gorgeous summer flowers during fall or winter, they are quite expensive. Worried? Well, you need not because Floral Beanie, the top florist destination of Singapore, comes up with the most perfect solution. They beautifully arrange the most exotic and freshly picked wildflowers and get them arranged in a perfect bouquet for the bride and her maids.


Reveal Your Wild Taste With Relaxed Vibe Of Wildflower Bouquets

Certain wedding venues ask you to pick up the real flavour of rustic and relaxed vibe. For such venues, the idea of using wildflowers as theme of décor is a great idea. The so-called wildflower wedding look requires different types of flowers with varied textures and style. It is because when different types of flowers are encapsulated in a single floral arrangement, it stands as the most exceptional wildflower bouquet for the bride.

To add up more beauty and uniqueness, you can plan for a single colour shade and strictly follow that colour scheme while arranging the handheld bouquet bid natural flowers. The florists and stylists generally use satin ribbons to tie these bouquets. The use of old school ribbons and natural flowers put forth the perfect vintage flavour. 


Get Hold Of Customized Wildflower Bouquet

Are you interested in an online florist option to get a customized wildflower bouquet delivered at your address? If yes, is up for your service. The florists use an exotic range of flowers like Thistle, cornflowers, sorbet snapdragons, English lavender, mint, scabosia, larkspur along with various herbs and decorative leaves. You can easily scroll through and choose for the flowers which you want in your floral arrangement.

Our company aims at providing satisfactory service to its clients by delivering good quality bouquets in a hassle-free manner. They ensure handling the flowers with proper attention, to keep its quality and freshness intact. Our company provides service all over Singapore, allowing to you easily get access or send a desired gift anywhere within the city over a single click.

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