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Black Wreath, An All Rounder

Black wreath like any other wreath has a significance to its own. Black wreath with its deep color combination is mainly used in times of grief, funerals and even the recovery of permanent ailment. In other context they are often in the decoration of Christmas, Halloween or even the times of Chinese New Year festivals. Based on the color combination of it; in times of festive decoration, they are mainly tied to the festivals in the winter season.

Black wreath, which is popularly made with laurel, yew and ribbons of black color is associated with the sad news of a demise. During a funeral, when hung on the front door it signifies that a death in the house has occurred to alert the people. It gives a warm and humbling expression to the surrounding that respect for the deceased should be given. It is a sign of the custom called “wake” where the body of the deceased is watched over until its buried.

In the other context, the black wreath is also a sign of sophistication when used as part of the decoration during winter festivals. These festivals can be commonly regarded as the Halloween, Christmas, new years and Chinese New Year. It often brings a sense of sophisticated look to the environment, giving it a dark feel in the snowy and winter season.


Black Wreath Artisans

Utilizing the right type of design and arrangement for a black wreath depends upon the context it is best suited for. Let’s consider the black wreath for a funeral; it will be designed and arranged in a gloomy and more different pattern. It shows the sympathy and love for the bereaved family. Along with the solidarity and moral support during a death, funeral flowers often go hand in hand with a black wreath. It shows that you are thinking about the family of the deceased and you are there for them.

Similarly, in the context of utilizing a black wreath for a festival-based home or office décor, it is arranged differently. Our wreath artisans with their sense of empathy and understanding our customers’ need based on the occasion. With their creative approach the wreath can be made within your budget as you prefer for the right occasion. Our customer service aims to satisfy you and the recipient of our creation.


A Black Wreath Of Your Preference

Black wreath is a suitable ornament for both happy and sad occasions. Our artisans have a vision and sense that can cater with your requirement as you prefer. You can consult our creative designers to manage a black wreath of your own choosing. Your black wreath can be made as per the happy and sad environment. Be it a festival like Christmas for adding sophistication or a funeral to show sympathy and informing people of the demise, it can serve its purpose.

You can also show your sympathy to the bereaved family by sending it along with a fruit basket for the welfare of the family.


Black Wreath Delivery Across Singapore

Our priority is the customer service that we provide and the satisfying our clients with our creative approach. if you are unsure of what you need to choose for your occasion, you can log on to our website. Floral Beanie has a catalogue of all the black wreaths that will be suitable for your need. You can even get one made to order which will be delivered free of cost through out the region of Singapore.


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