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Embrace the changing seasons with the most perfect blueberry wreaths

Willing to embrace the changing seasons with the accent look of Wild Blueberry Wreaths? Well, Floral Beanie brings you the most exotic range of autumn-inspired blueberry wreaths featuring an unusual wood base, twined beautifully with faux and topped with smooth leaves and blueberries. These seasonal wreaths are very light due to the use of such simple materials, thus making these wreaths an exceptional choice for the fall season. These wreaths can be hung on the top of the mantle or on the door easily to bring in the true flavours of festive. Apart from bringing a festive décor, these blueberry wreaths are considered as the most subtle ones which owns the ability to enhance the simple seasonal decor.


Add some cozy and rustic approach with this home décor idea

Usually available during the transition period between fall and winter, you can fill in that perfect rustic flavour to your home decor by getting a large wreath comprising of blueberry and pinecone. These decorative wreaths are built in a natural grapevine which features the branches of faux pine. Rich coloured blueberries are added to it with thick green foliage scattered all over the wreath. They can be used for indoor as well as outdoor uses. Most commonly, people hang these neutral wreath on the door, porch or wall to add a cozy and rustic touch to their homes.

You can bring the breath of fresh air into your home using these simple yet elegant and beautiful wreath. This pretty faux boxwood, grapevine, and blueberries consisting Wreath is sure to receive a compliment even if you use it as a year-round decoration prop. The boxwood and the thick green foliage is contrasted with the lime green leaves and rich shade of blueberries, giving the wreath an elegant texture with movement.


Beautiful combination of blue and green to enhance the look of your indoors.

These wreaths are usually available in two sizes. The wreaths with eighteen inches finished look make use of fourteen inches grapevine base while the ones with twenty inches look require a grapevine base of eighteen inches. However, being a natural product, the sizes of the grapevine may slightly differ from one another although following the same design pattern.

Floral offers a wide range of blueberry wreaths which you can use to give your home a neutral vibe. The sunburst design of the wreath makes it an extraordinary piece of decor. Covered with rich navy blue coloured blueberries, luscious green leaves, and a vine base, the blueberry wreath adds up to the look of any farmhouse design. The florists at design the most perfect wreath using these delicate berries and pine cones. The stem of the blueberry often helps in the enrichment of the wreaths’ basic look.


Easy and flexible shipping policies for Wreaths

If you want to create a feeling of fresh garden indoors, these blueberry wreaths are the most ideal option. You can easily choose the size of the wreath and place an order for it over these websites of reputed online florists in Singapore. We look forward to serve in the best possible manner with easy and flexible delivery polities. To decorate and bring that perfect rustic flavour, you choose for these wreaths from anywhere in Singapore and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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