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Burgundy Wreath, A Depth In Home Décor

Burgundy wreath is a choice that denotes a lifestyle. The mix of red, blue and yellow forms a color combination that makes the surrounding much more elegant. Burgundy wreath has been popular in choices around countries like New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. They are a combination of flower arrangement that has been used in many domain and not just for the purpose of home décor.

Burgundy flowers are mainly used in a burgundy wreath, which are of a few combination and types. Commonly used flowers in a burgundy wreath are burgundy ranunculus, carnation and burgundy mums. These are rich in color with a hue shade and have a pleasant but a long-lasting smell. A burgundy wreath with its deep color can be made into a beautiful wreath by mixing up light colored flowers such as white and pink roses. This can give it a better overall package. You can also add lush green foliage.

Burgundy wreath is a gift that adds color to the environment and has a pleasant fragrance to make the environment lively. Their deep hue color adds positivity and can be considered a lively addition to the home décor. They can be hung on the wall or on the front door to give a more welcoming look to the guest during a festive season.


Burgundy Wreath Experts In Singapore

Burgundy wreath may seem easy to design but the combination can get you tricky. It can either look dull even with their deep color or may seem over populated with flowers. Knowing the right number of flowers to be used and the combination of other flowers to make it look volumetric is the main idea. Our expert florists have the perfect idea on arranging a perfect flower combination for the wreath.

Burgundy wreaths are known to have been an amazing addition to the décor and can be placed to give a complete look to the environment. They are an essential part of beautifying a living space and are not seasonal. They can be used around the year as the color suits the setting and not the season.


Customize Your Burgundy Wreath

As a gift to a relative, friend or your lover, a burgundy wreath is a perfect addition to their surroundings. It is a gesture that shows a true positive emotion along with elegance. If you are planning to surprise your peer with a burgundy wreath, you must know a design with your choice can also be catered. You can either get a wreath made with only burgundy flowers or can mix and match with other flowers that our florists will be more than happy to design for you.

Your designs will be carefully catered to and a well-curated flower wreath will be made for your loved in due time and in your right budget.


Get Your Burgundy Wreath Delivered Around Singapore

If you are unsure of what your design might look like, you can log on to Floral Beanie and find several designs that are popular around Singapore. These designs are made with care and fresh flowers to make the recipient joyous and satisfied. With our customer service, we never compromise. You can choose your burgundy wreath, and have it delivered with a personalized message to your loved one anywhere around Singapore with no charges involved.

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