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Put up the Rustic and Farmhouse Flavour with Cotton Wreaths

Looking forward to a rustic or farmhouse decor for your home this season? You can opt for the cotton and greenery wreath. These wreath put forth a perfect unique and natural farmhouse display to the front door of your house or the living space. As these cotton wreaths are beautifully woven, they make an amazing piece of wall art, bringing in that perfect flavour of trending farmhouse decoration.

These wreaths are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending entirely on the demand and preferences of the customers. The cotton wreaths are usually crafted out of good quality cotton, paper along with metal. All of these elements combine it make an extraordinary woven cotton design to add up to the simple vintage style of decor on your front door or the doorway wall. These wreaths are long-lasting and do not require special care. Dusting it using a soft and dry cloth is enough to return its rustic approach.


Cotton Wreaths – A symbol of simplicity

For the ones who prefer dried florals for indoor decoration, cotton wreath is a great substitute. Cotton works amazingly with different types of settings and can be used throughout the year irrespective of the season or festive occasion. Symbol of simplicity, these wreaths are preferred as the most perfect option for the post-holiday decor. The use of thick foliage in the cotton wreath adds up to the element of openness while the white puffs of cotton visually relate to the snowy surrounding of a country.


Authentic and Charming Wreaths to beautify your home

Cotton balls are considered a popular decorative item which is used widely these days to paint up the perfect picture of the countryside. The cotton boll branches and the cotton wreaths make use of faux cotton, which provides these simple-looking wreaths another level of elegance and sophistication. You can easily get yourself an authentic and charming cotton wreath in Singapore from Floral Beanie. The florists make use of good quality faux cotton and other such mixed assortments to prepare artificial cotton wreaths.

Offering the most prominent dash of farmhouse charm to the walls of your home sweet home, these cotton wreaths are quite eyed catchy. They usually feature a foam-based centre which is topped with attractive imitation bolls and cotton to create a perfect winter look. These cotton wreaths have emerged as a popular and trendy decor idea because it helps in adding up to statement of the place where it is hung, be it in the space above the mantel or next to the mirror at the entryway. Moreover, these rustic wreaths do not require separate hardware elements to add up to its look.


Wreaths with Modern design with vintage approach at Floral Beanie

Emphasizing primarily on the concept of modern designs with equivalent focus on the vintage approach, offers best quality cotton wreaths at a reasonable price. Owing to the flair of modernity, these wreaths are specifically designed to showcase unpretentious as well as welcome quality of the idea of down-home living. You can easily place an order for the required size and shape of the cotton wreath and get it delivered at your doorstep within few hours. We aim to deliver your standard products on the same day with express shipping options in Singapore.



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