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Dried Flower Wreath, A Choice Of Elegance

Dried flower wreath may sound depressing and gloomy and to bring dismay, but they have their own charm. Based on the perception or positive thinking, dried flowers bring joy in remembrance from person to person. It denotes the ending of the summer season and are considered as a popular material when used in craft work. Dried flowers can be used in many crafting techniques depending on the choices.

Dried flower wreath is a popular ornament of craft that are used as gifts, as part of home décor and even as holiday season greetings. With their rustic look, dried flower wreath can be used to beautify several spaces. They can be, a sitting space such as library, working environment or even hung on the front door of your home.


Our Expert Dried Flower Artisans

Dried flower wreaths are not just meant for summer ending occasions such as the significance of Christmas but can be used for other purposes. People usually have the perception that the floral wreaths are best suited with fresh flowers and lush green foliage. But it takes an artistic approach to understand the beauty of dried flowers used in this medium.

Through out the time, wreaths have been used for many purposes denoting to every season and occasion. Flowers that come with the season make beautiful wreaths, but the dried flower wreaths can be kept all year round. A good flower wreath artisan will know and understand this and can suggest you many different options.

Not every flower can be dried and used in the dried flower wreath. With different density of the flower buds, every flower dries out differently. Our expert wreath artisan knows how to craft up the best dried flower wreaths to suit the requirement of our clients.


Dried Flower Wreath Of Your Choice

Not every flower can be dried to make a beautiful dried flower wreath. The most commonly used flowers in this case are the gomphrena, celosia, statice and Victoria blue salvia. These flowers are seen blooming throughout the year and are the perfect combination for dried flower wreaths.

If you are willing to beautify your living space with a rustic look, then a dried flower wreath is the right choice. Choosing to gift a dried flower wreath to a friend or family, made with their favorite choice of flowers is a sign of showing importance. It shows how you have understood their choices and kept that into consideration when thinking about them. With our artisans, you need not to worry about anything and lay down your ideas and they will make them come to life. Their creative approach will not only enlighten the recipient’s day but also satisfy you in your right budget.

Dried Flower Wreath Delivery Across Singapore

If you are willing to surprise your friend or your family or just want to decorate your home, dried flower wreath is an elegant choice. You can go through our website www.floralbeanie.com for a range of dried flower wreaths that are perfect for seasonal occasions, home décor and even as gifts. You can always choose to get your preferred dried flower made on order which can be delivered free of cost anywhere around Singapore.



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