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Frangipani Wreath, A Symbol Of Union

Frangipani Wreath are a type of wreath have gained its place in the happy and joyous moments and occasion such as weddings, congratulatory and other occasions of union. Frangipani flower is also known as the Plumeria flower which is often found in white, peach and pink in color. It gained its popularity from the Indian subcontinent and has been a symbol of devotion to someone.

Wreath in circular form shows a never-ending cycle, in terms of gifts it can be denoted as the well wishes of prosperity in a happy moment such as wedding. When considering the joyous event such as a union between two people it denotes the love and devotion that two people share. In that context, the significance of frangipani flowers wreath emphasizes on the new life and a sign of renewal a per the Buddhist mythology.

The fresh colors found in a frangipani tree through its bright colored flowers and its ever-fragrant petals gives it an edge over other flowers. This is being utilized a little more than other flowers being taken into consideration for the said occasion and events. Frangipani wreath or the plumeria wreath are a choice that are being considered not only for its symbolism in the global context but also through the Indian and Buddhist mythology.

Frangipani Wreath Experts

Frangipani wreath are a perfect choice when presenting it as a gift to the newly wedded couple. Even as part of decoration in celebrating anniversary or a kind gesture from one lover to the other, this wreath made from plumeria flowers is a very elegant choice. Symbolizing a sense of positivity, this wreath with its soft yet highly noticeable colors and a sweet and soft fragrance can be gift that may last a lifetime.

Though, designing a wreath made with plumeria flowers might come as a tricky activity. The frangipani or plumeria flowers bloom for months and they change colors ranging from a wide variety or shades. This can be difficult to mix and match them in a wreath. Our expert florists with experience in designing a frangipani wreath have an edge over other florists in Singapore who can predict the behavior and will design a frangipani wreath accordingly.


Customize Your Frangipani Wreath

Frangipani wreath as choice for gift to the newly weds can be transformed into multiple designs. It can be made into a lovely flower wreath that will be remembered for a life time. If you are planning to gift it to someone, you can always come up with your choice of colors to be arranged, the size of the wreath and even add other flowers or lush green foliage. Adding more flowers and foliage will make it even more colorful and volumetric.

Frangipani wreath is meant for the union and is mostly used in wedding ceremonies or to be given to newly married couples. Keeping it lush for a longer time period should be taken as a priority and for that purpose its base is covered with watered hard sponge. This keeps the petals and the foliage nutrition levels higher and keeps them blooming for an extended time period.

You can also trust our florists to design a frangipani wreath with the theme color provided. With their creative approach, they will make sure that you are satisfied with the choice in your budget allocated.


Frangipani Wreath Delivery

Frangipani wreath is a choice of many when it is presented and gifted to the rightly deserved. You can scroll through our website and see our catalogue for some of the admired choices of the plumeria flower based wreath. They can be delivered on the same day in a base or with a stand, depending on your preference throughout Singapore.



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