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Hawaiian Wreath For Various Occasions

A Hawaiian wreath is a circular garland which became through the Hawaiian culture during the 19th century. It got popular through the tourism on the islands of Hawaii which symbolizes affection as a sign and gesture of welcome or departure from the islands. Though, it is not restricted to arrival and departure, but can also show the affection of peace, friendship and love for the other person.

Leis or Hawaiian wreaths are now commonly used in events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, cultural events and even dance performances, depending on the theme and the regional culture. The type of flowers and other items used in making this garland determines the purpose and symbolism.

Let’s considers the usage of Hala fruit; Hala fruits are used when you want to express the connection of love or desire. Similarly, different types of plants and foliage determines different meaning when being presented to someone.  These garlands are traditionally worn by Hulu dancers from Hawaii and their designs differ from different regions of the island.


Experienced Florists In Arranging Hawaiian Wreath

A  Hawaiian Wreath composes itself of different patterns depending on the choice of the person consisting of fresh and natural flowers, leaves and vines. Commonly, flowers such as orchids, carnation plumerias, tuberose as well as Pikake flowers can be used. Not only does it contain flowers in the circular arrangement, there are lush green leaves of ferns and other plants are utilized which gives it a vibrant and a colorful look.

Keeping the tradition alive and in context, these Hawaiian wreaths have become a part of a regional tradition where they are used as a welcome garland on holidays, a sign of congratulating a person, well wishes and prosperity.

Utilizing them in a proper way can be tricky and the right florist in Singapore will know how to design it keeping the occasion into context. As it consists of lush green leaves and fragrant flowers, it not only makes the person more vibrant but also keeps the environment pleasant.


Customize Your Own Hawaiian Wreath

There are certain protocols that should be considered when designing a Hawaiian garland. For every occasion such as presenting it to a guest, storing it somewhere around your house or the outdoors and even in certain traditions of disposing them; there are different types of Hawaiian wreaths.

Certain rules should be followed in consideration of wreaths which can be explained by our professional florists about its significance and customs. You can though, have your flower wreaths customized at your will or let our experienced florists in Singapore work their creative magic in designing a suitable arrangement for you.


Few Clicks Away To Your Hawaiian Wreath

Getting a Hawaiian wreath has been made easy by our experienced florists in Singapore. You can log on to our website and view the display of our designs that are more popular among the people of Singapore and our international customers. the Hawaiian wreath shows a cheerful and joyous emotion emphasizing on the vibrant colors and its strong fragrance that lasts for days. you can even customize your Hawaiian wreath which can be delivered on the same day in Singapore.

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